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  1. Hey there, I live here so should be able to help you a bit :) train travel is regular and reliable but expensive. But if you book in advance you can get 'supersaver' tickets' that can end up being quite cheap. https://www.sbb.ch/en/home.html Check out that site, its in english. You can also get a half fare card for like a month, which will save you some money. But you should be able to find all that info on this page. If you buy a ticket from Switzerland and it takes you through france, italy and germany for example, you would pay for it all through the swiss rail. And if yoi star
  2. Hi ND, Loooong time subscriber here. Since the beginning. I love reading your posts and your undying will to find your person. You write in a way which is both easy to read and it gets me hooked to see what comes next. You come across as extremely likeable. You have great hobbies and are self assured, quite a catch i would say. My unfiltered opinion is this: hot girls - will date you 1-5 times and drop you like a hot potato. Yes, there may be the odd one who will keep it going for a bit longer but in general not. I would recommended you aim your attention at more cute/average girls if y
  3. Go go go! Don't wait. Most people i know who have waited have ended up getting pregnant, getting jobs they love and don't want to leave or other things. Life! I did it in 2015 and went for 8 months and don't have a single regret despite spending a lot of money. Do it while you can. The house won't go anywhere. Buying a house can always be delayed, travel can't. I now have a great job and don't have the itch to go travelling like i used to. I am so happy in my cozy home and take smaller trips every now and again and am completely satisfied.
  4. Oh my dear. I'm sorry. It brings back memories of my ex who was exactly the same. Well, he didn't have a hobby where all his money went into but he wasn't thoughtful. Some people just don't think ''How can I make my bf/gf feel special''. They will do the bare minimum. I did so many lovely things for my ex.Things that cost money and things that were just meant to make him feel special. He never ever reciprocated. If I asked him why he said he just never thought of it.When I asked if he could make a note to remind himself he refused. He said he didn't ask me to do all the things for him an
  5. I know exactly what you mean OP. There are 2 women at my office that do that every single time we speak. First they will look at my eyes, shoes, clothes and then finally eyes again. I avoid these 2 women when possible as I don't appreciate it. They are both very stylish women and look like they spend a lot of time putting their outfits together whereas I am pretty simple in my dress sense. So the looks are definitely not admiring glances.
  6. Hey there I work as a in house recruiter and we always have this issue. If I'm in charge of the position I will send updates to the candidates but the other recruiters don't always do this due to being busy, which is stressful for the candidates and we have lost a lot of candidates this way. Usually the issue is that the VPs and other interviewers are busy and don't have time to do a de-brief on the candidate together. Another reason is that we have offered the role to another candidate and are waiting to see if they accept before rejecting the other favourite candidates. Assume you are the
  7. I'm appalled. The question you people that are saying "it's none of your business" need to ask yourself is: if this was you, would you want to know? I'm sure every single one you you would. Just because the wife isn't a close friend doesn't mean she isn't a person who doesn't have feelings. It's a cop out to say she probably knows. I agree with a previous poster who said watching something happen and not saying anything is as bad as actually doing the deed. If op loses A and Z it's no big loss as they are cheaters and I wouldn't want to be friends with them. If OP wants to stay friends with Z
  8. How's everything going LL?
  9. Spill!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. But you have explained previously that Chad is busy letting you date others takes the stress away from him, right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I just could never be in an open relationship. My mind would be running 100 miles an hour worrying about where my guy was lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I find your journal super interesting but never comment cause I have a lot of advice that is probably unwanted. My biggest questions are: 1) why stay with chad? Yes he is allowing you to have an open relationship but blocking you from getting a real committed relationship. 2) Rick sounds like he has one foot in, one foot out of the door. Ps. You sound awesome which is why I don't know why you stick with these 2 half interested guys. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hmm. How about giving him a call and straight out saying "I like you but your insistence about the length of our dates is a bit off putting. Despite that I want to see if something more is there...". If he reacts negatively he obviously is too insecure to face problems head on. You never know, it could just be the fact that he is super into you that is causing him to act all crazy and he will settle down once he gets to know you.. It could be also a preview how he communicates but you never know unless you have a direct, honest conversation with him?
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