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girl really likes me and her ex, but chose him. weird situation...

Erik Shleft

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Ok so I met this girl through her boyfriend at few party's I though at my house. she told everyone I knew that she was really into me but she had a boyfriend.. any way she went to new York cause she lives there and for college, but me and her boyfriend live in Pa. But she kept in touch with me online, and at first we taking as just friends but that went on for a little bit until she started saying how perfect I am and how she likes me more than her boyfriend but didn't wanna just leave him cause she liked me more. Until one day she came back to pa only for a weekend and told her boy she could visit but couldn't stay over and he said what ever I'll just wait to see ya. So she broke up with him. So we talk online more for two more weeks and it got the point where she said doesn't know who she wants to be with, because she has a lot of history with him and still likes him but also he keeps telling her he's gonna kill himself. So I told her to come down to hang out with me for a weekend and will go from there when she goes back to ny. She thought it was a good idea and was down until her ex called and reminded her of old times and had her kinda wanting to take him back but she wasnt gonna decide until she spent that weekend with me but then he kept talking about suicide more and saying he was calling his friends and saying good bye so she said she felt like she had to. Any way I told her I was gonna let her go and not tall to her everyday anymore and she said ok and she still really wants us to be close friends. I don't know if grown really attached to her and I hoping comes back to realize she wants me. Do u think she will? Keep in mind she said there's things she doesn't like about him but she likes everything about me. He cheated on her before, he sells heroin and takes pills, she said kinda regrets getting back with him cause she thinks they'll probably break up anyway. And either way she's in ny so she really doesn't get to see either of us unless she comes down for a weekend. Pretty weird situation right? ANY ADVICE

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^^ Heh, heh. Good one, MapleCanuck.


She's been with a heroin dealer for 3 years. She's told everyone she knows that she's really into you. She's kinda broken up, but the heroin dealer is threatening suicide if she doesn't come back. All the while, she's been plotting a rendezvous with you. Do you want this kind of drama in your life? Do you think she's not going to act like this if/when she leaves her BF for you?


My advice - drop her like a dirty shirt.

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Well she actually just has a really big heart, and was with him for like 3 years


Ok, now I think you have bad judgement too. What you see as a big heart, I see as naive, insecure, reckless behavior from someone with non-existent self-esteem. The fact that you don't see all this should trouble you.

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