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Maybe I should have stayed...

Anita Hawkins

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There are some things that made me wish I stayed but the reason why I left keeps coming up too. Maybe it would have been better if I stayed with him and deal with not getting help and being lonely... Because some of those time, little amount of times, we would be together. And maybe that would be better than not at all...


I tried talking to him about something online and he isn't replying. I'm thinking he's with someone already or over his friends house and is ignoring more or hasn't gone to FB. I know if he was home he would have eventually checked so I'm assuming he isn't home. He added his friends ex the same day I left and maybe they are doing something. But his other friend might have invited hi over for drinks and he's forgetting all about me. Maybe he won't let me come back. I just gave him the chance to do the things he wanted to do but didn't when I was there... I'm just assuming...

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Well as i said in the other post, i think you should ask him to take responsibility for the situation and the child, apparently you aren't important because he is not enjoying any fun time from you, so you need to ask him honestly what you are doing wrong in his eyes in this situation. I don't think you did wrong by leaving, it sends a clear signal. But raising a child by yourself is not an easy task, so sue him at least for alimony and get a guy who is willing to take care of you and your child and isn't some corrupted non caring person. If you still want to go with your almost to be ex, i would definitely talk about how things need to improve , maybe even with a relationship therapist.

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