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Why does being around this girl make me more confident?


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I consider myself a shy person who becomes more confident with more social experience. I assume most shy people who don't have some sort of mental disorder are like this. Anyways, I've been pretty lonely in college (And in general, I only have one friend) so I enjoy when I get to work with a partner in labs. I was lucky enough to have the chance to partner up with an acquaintance from the same major as me, who at least I know is pretty chill. The thing is, I think she's very pretty. You see, I've found if a girl is skinny, tan, dark-haired, and has a cute face I'll almost always find her quite attractive. This chick is, of course, all those things, and tall to boot, so I was nervous when I sat down with her. I got over it pretty quickly as we started working, but I found myself feeling more confident when interacting with the other groups and teacher (but not my partner). I'm curious why this occurred. I know the girl is not very assertive (she'd voice a lot of her questions and whatnot to me, and then a lot of the time I would end up asking people about it). Was I feeling more confident to compensate for her tentativeness, or was it just because I'm happy I get to work with her for the rest of the semester? I imagine it has something to do with the girl, because I didn't feel as confident when interacting with her. Either way, I hope I can foster this relationship with her. I could use a friend at least.

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