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My ex's older brother-help!!!


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Ok, so I met this guy (love at first sight kind of thing) and our relationship went way too fast and within a couple months I was pregnant and living with him and we were engaged. Everything perfect, right? Wrong! Almost immediately he started drinking and it eventually turned into a daily thing where he would stop coming home and was pretty much drunk 24x7. Now honestly I never wanted any children but he did. Well anyway, our relationship kept getting bad and about 6 months after our child was born, I left him. I was pretty devastated since I was very much in love with him (or so I thought) but I didn't want our child to suffer.


Fast forward to almost 4 years later. He's tried to get back with me although really I know he just wants sex. Sometimes he kisses me when I take our child to see him and I let him, not because I want to but because I just want our child to have his father in his life. He's still pretty much drunk a lot of the time so it's not very often.


Well, he has an older brother who looks exactly like him but much taller, an older more sophisticated version of him but his brother is the exact opposite. He's been with the same girl since he was a teenager (he's like 36 I think) and they have 6 children (not married). I like visiting with them because our child likes playing w/his uncle (whereas my ex doesn't play with our child at all), sadly our child started calling his uncle "daddy". Well I like his girlfriend even though I've tried to befriend her so our children can hang out together but she never contacts me. He's the guy who works then comes home and is sitting at home with all of the kids while she's out at the club with other men.


Their relationship has started getting bad lately. She even brought home another man recently and kicked him out, leaving him homeless! Well, he eventually forgave her and she let him come back home. For some reason, ever since this happened I can't stop thinking about his older brother who is the responsible adult version of my ex. Wheras I never really noticed him before, now all of a sudden I have non stop fantasizies about him! He is really tall, and has a moustache and I keep wondering what it would feel like kissing him, if his moustache would tickle me. Arrg! These thoughts are driving me crazy and I can't make them stop. Honestly, this is the first time I've even had any sexual thoughts about any other man since my ex, so it's been year(s)!!! I don't understand why I can't seem to think about any other man, why does it have to be his brother?! I'm not wanting any relationship with him, I'm realisitic, I know it couldn't work due to the circumstances. I just wish every day that I had met his brother first.


Now my ex told me today, the girlfriend is back in the clubs and they're talking about breaking up again and he said he wasn't going to let him move in, I wanted to say he could stay here! lol (but I restrained)


I really need help I almost feel as though I'm in sexual, physical agony and feeling like baying at the moon some nights! lol I don't know if it's just that I'm lonely but I don't seem to want any of the guys who hit on me. Just him, atleast I want the sex! My ex is so jealous I'm pretty sure he'd probably kill me but I can't stop thinking about him!!

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the world-at-large is a scary enormous place.


your ex's brother has a certain familiarity to you. And just like his brother, he has some kids born out of a shi$$y relationship, or so you say.


you like him, think hes the taller, better, more work and family orientated man.


you think there could somehow be a magic solution to everyone's problems if you two hooked up.



not likely. you must live in a very small town.

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Not only would both your exes make your lives a living hell, it would be a hell you couldn't live with--or without, because these people are tied to each of you with your children.


You may think of the guy as responsible, but how could 6 kids come from a responsible guy?


Redirect your focus and don't allow your fantasies to lead you down a miserable and disillusioned path. Expand your social life, invest in an education, a career, and interests that would keep you out of anyone's bed until your head is on straight.


Time and distance are your friends.

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