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Embarassed and in Agony


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Hello Everyone,


Thanks for reading my post. Two days ago I left my journal at a public place. This journal was a collection of random thoughts but also included some very candid and intimate details about my life. My name was not on it but there is information inside that possibly identifies me, info such as where I work and my age race and gender.

I disclosed things like my mental health struggles and the dysfunction of my family of origin. My job is located close by, its a public place and has only a few employees. The level of agony I feel now is indescribable. I did contact the place where I left it, but no one returned it. It's really devastating not knowing who is in possession of my personal details. As I stated before this journal was a mix of both negatives and positives, my motivation for journaling was to self reflect. It was always on my person because I didn't have a private place to keep it, and the exact scenario I feared the most became reality. Yes I am concerned about my personal details being revealed but I am more concerned about violating the privacy of my FOO. I've been beating myself up over my carelessness, haven't even been able to eat. I would appreciate any thoughts or feedback.





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Think about it in a stranger's point of view, this journal has no cash value and as you stated has no name or address on it. If anyone has actually bothered to read all of it then you are probably a great writer and should perhaps start writing professionally. I don't think anyone is going to flip through hundreds of pages of hand written journal to find your work address whilst not knowing you've recorded it down.

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Thanks for replying. Yeah it was very irresponsible of me, I've been scatterbrained lately. It doesn't help that I live in a small city and that I had just begun journalling, there was maybe a total of ten pages, but very candid. I can only hope that the journal is now residing at the bottom of a trash heap.

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