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Need a little help...


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Ok, so I need a little advice... You see, I've got friends only in 2 of my 4 classes (just 4 classes per semester... that's how it is in South florida). So, well, there's a girl that sits behind me in one of the two classes where I don't have real friends (you know, buddies...). So, I figured that I'd like to talk to her, because maybe it'd be good to make a friend in that class, plus, she's kinda cute also. But she's also a quiet person (I'm also a quiet person most of the time... But I talk when ppl talk to me and sometimes I feel very sociable...). Anyway, I just don't have a clue on what to say... Can anyone please give me some ideas on what I could say to start a conversation, or to at least hint her that she can talk to me (you know what I mean?)?

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it's really simplier then you think. How many times a day do you say nod a person and say hi to them in the hallway or on the street as you pass them. Just take it easy and it will flow.


Next time you come into class don't make a big deal of it, just simle and say hi, she how she responds. If she is busy, leave her be. If she responds positivly start chating. It's all about reading the body language.


cheers, and good luck

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That sounds easy... I've tried the hi part a couple of times when the class was over kinda early but the teacher hadn't dismissed us. So, I turned around, and saw her, but both times she was busy, so I didn't say anything because I thought she wouldn't have noticed... But I guess next time I'll try at the beginning of the class instead.

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