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Im making so many errors at work and I don't know why!

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I started a new job in September but still haven't totally got the hang of it. I don't make any large errors but many small ones and I think my coworker are getting frustrated with me. I don't understand why I make these mistakes.. I just forget how to do things sometimes. I do have this autoimmune disorder that I have to be on meds for and the meds make me so foggy headed and tired all day. I always feel kinda out of it. My boss has talked to me about my performance before and I assured her that I'm a hard worker and I take my job seriously and I explained to her about my condition (which maybe was a mistake). Im so worried that Im going to lose my job. What should I do? Should I get a note from my doctor? Should I look for another job? Any advise would help

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I work as a bank teller. I worked for my local paper for two years prior to this and didn't work with money so everything so new. when I started I was feeling so overwhelmed.


I used to be a cashier and waitress during my soph year in college which was a very busy restaurant on the weekend.


Here's what I do when I start to panic due to demands of the customers eating at the restaurants and remembering orders and the specials.


First, breathe. When you're entering data entry [whatever information in the bank account] just take it easy. Double check your work.


As for working with money, take out your cash, coins etc. Get familiar with counting cash very fast. Use those game monopoly and get the handle of counting different amount of amounts of cash that you wouldn't make such mistakes.


POSITIVE MIND: The more you THINK, the more you're not focusing on doing. Focus on what you need to do, and you will get the result. If it's an honest mistake, DON'T BEAT yourself over it Just say "Next time, I'm going to do better." Feed yourself with positive attitude. OBSERVE and LEARN how others are doing it so you can apply their methods to yours and possibly improve the methods even more.


Good luck!

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I don't know if I can switch. I'm made an appointment for Tuesday to talk to my doctor. I know I can't get off them totally. I tried once and almost put myself in a coma.

What I'm worried about is not being about to work because of this.. what if they let me go? It will just be the same story when I get a new job. I don't want to be on disability.. that would be horrible.

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If the problem is that you sometimes forget how to do things (presumably with the computer) - why don't you take the time to write it down? Writing it down will serve two purposes: 1) the simple act of writing things down often helps with memory retention and 2) you can refer to your notes first (before a coworker) if you forget.


I would think that would have an immediate impact on your performance.

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If the problem is that you sometimes forget how to do things (presumably with the computer) - why don't you take the time to write it down? Writing it down


Thanks for the advise. I take notes daily and it does help.. when I remember to read them. haha


To Heather Dawn, thanks for the empathy!!! Have you noticed that it's effecting your work performance?

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I don't have any advice, but gosh I can sympathize. I have done some stupid stuff at my job, first job, been about 6 months. I tend to make the most mistakes with numbers - I read it different than its written or the other way around. by like the 4th proof read I finally realize its not right

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