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I can't be his friend because, I'm falling for him.....


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This is a continuation of my post "am I wasting my time". I've really had to take a long hard look at what I want. Just to recap, I met a guy online I'm 11 years older than he. He's been calling and texting me everyday for 3 months now. But talking to someone everyday for 90 days you start to learn more about a person, the beauty of communication. We've seen each other only twice because he lives an hour and a half away, and I have a very tight schedule working two jobs and all. I realized that I have 4 strikes against me and they are: 1) The 11 year age gap 2) He is not over his ex 3) He's unemployed 4)He's not romantically interested in me. The thing is I've finally accepted that he will only be just a friend to me, nothing more. And I thought I could handle being his friend, his friendship means a lot to me. Platonic friends of the opposite sex can be wonderful but not in this case. I've become emotionally invested and I'm considering putting some more distance between us all we have is the phone so I'm thinking about just not taking anymore of his calls. Unrequited love will only hurt me in the end, and it'll keep me from being open to anyone else. I can't do that to yourself. Been there, done that. So I really need someone to shed some light on this for me all replies are welcomed. I don't want to lose him as a friend but it's getting hard for me. I feel like his homeboy with a ****. I'm too old to be in the friend zone. Please help me. I'm so confused.

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