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Why is he being weird?!


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So today the guy I have been on two dates with ( I emphasise two, no prior meetings before this) said today in a text that he can't concentrate in uni because he 'really likes me' and is worried he messed up because he hasn't been on a date for ages then said at the end ... ' Sorry for being awkward' I honestly don't know how to respond to this? What am I supposed to say 'aw don't worry I really like you too and want your babies' Ehm no we have been on two dates, I just don't know why he is being so intense and making me feel uncomfortable I enjoyed the dates but I'm not ready to confirm my undying love. He has said before he broke up with someone in the past because things moved so fast so I'm actually annoyed he is saying these things to me. He has been in a long term relationship before so why is he acting like a needy child? What should I say to him? Has anyone ever been in this situation?

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It does sound like he fell hard and fast...you shouldn't feel bad that you didn't have the same expreience and who's to say you won't in a couple weeks or months.


To me it sounds like his ego's been a bit shaken from his last break up and and he needs some encouragement...which is a nice way of saying he's fishing for comments that stroke his ego. I know that sounds terrible and I suppose if it went on forever it would be but sometimes people just need a little push. It's up t o you how much of a lift you're willing to provide.

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"Haha, no worries, you are just a little bit awkward. "


I think you are overreacting, to be honest. I don't think he's asking you to confess your love to him at all. Rather, he's telling you how HE is feeling. That's cool. He's in touch with his emotions and not into airs. Now... if he starts with the "do you like me too" talk - then ok - that's too fast. But as it stands? He hasn't asked you that. He told you how he's feeling. Nothing wrong with that.

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