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Getting drunk


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Hi there everyone.


Heres the situation. i was super drunk the other night and my girlfriend was so mad at me, just for the fact that i was drunk. I wasnt with any girls, i was with just one friend of mine. She says, she would prefer me to drink everyday a normal amount, than to get drunk once in a blue moon.


Anyway, is it ok for her to just plain not allow me to get drunk? (I am not an angry drunk, i will just get drunk to the point of being stupid and talking crap, never cheating on her or anything like that. For some reason she thinks that I will cheat on her if im really drunk.

I have always been drunk with my friends over the years, and im just wondering what i am supposed to do here. Of course i dont want to make her angry, but it seems ridiculous if i go drinking with my friends and i drink too much, im in the **** with her for the next 2 days.




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Nope, I think she's in the wrong here. Nothing wrong with getting wasted every once in a while, IMO. It can be a lot of fun to just get stupid with some friends for one night, and as long as your drunken self isn't mean and you're not doing any harm, I say, why not?


Maybe it's best that she just not be around when you're drunk. If you only get belligerent once in a blue moon, why can't she just leave you in peace for that one night and then everything will be back to normal the next day.


Don't allow her to control you. As long as you're being honest, and your drinking isn't a problem, then have at it, I say.

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I think she's wrong here....but what I do suggest is talk with her to assure her that her fears of you cheating on her will not come true. My guess is that she's had a bad experience with a previous bf cheating on her while he was drunk. So she wants to remove the possibility of that happening with you.

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I don't think she in the wrong. Everybody has deal breakers in a relationship. I personally never drink heavily and would never drink to get drunk. I couldn't date someone who does. End of. She needs to better communicate what she wants, and you need to do the same. Work out whether you can come to a compromise.

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because being drunk is an excuse for acting a way you might want to act but otherwise wouldn't. Ie, if you DO cheat on her, she knows your excuse will be the old "i was drunk" one, which has a long history of taking the responsibility away from the man and onto the drink. Obviously this is wrong.

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I have seen the worst of alcohol and I do think she has a point. She loves you and wants the best for you. I can tell that you love her too. Part of loving someone is respecting them. When you get drunk she feels as though you are not respecting yourself or her.

Alcohol is the cause of many problems in society especially violence and divorce. Do you really have control of your drinking habit? I know that it is common for men to bond with each other over alcohol but if you choose to do that then you have to be aware of your own limits.

I know a person who got really drunk one day. He was driving down the road to be stopped by a girl he met at the pub. This friend of mine was planning to move the next day with his wife and children. This lady asked for a lift home. She used her charm and her beauty to attempt to lure him into her bed and it worked. He woke up the next morning next to her and not his wife. He ran out the door the next morning. A few weeks went by and he couldn't handle the guilt so he told his wife. Just after he did the lady who he slept with knocked on the door and told him that she was pregnant. His wife and the other woman had a brawl, and the other woman set his car on fire. The police were involved and the divorce courts.


I am not trying to worry you but alcohol is very dangerous and I would hate something like that to happen to your relationship. Please protect your girl and your relationship.

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