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Why is it I fall into her trap?

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I consider myself a fool. I knew when my ex girlfriend called me that I should not talk to her again. I had fell into her web of misery and I am so pissed at myself for this. I was dating her for a year but I seen the signs of how miserable she is after the first two months of dating. I can't describe how she makes me feel I feel on the edge always but she has this control over me that I can't get rid of. I have dated better looking woman but she has manipulated me into believing I cannot do any better than her. She takes antidepressants for what she says is for anxiety. She used to date this doctor whom she still works with and had to go to counseling with him and states it's all his fault and it was a communication problem, I asked her what does communication problem mean and consist of? she says he was cold hearted. I am an affectionate person and I offered her love and all I get in return is grief and sadness I was trying to work things out but ahe was always bringing up our past arguments and says I am all at fault for the breakup. I keep telling myself I am a good man one who is affectionate and kind I have a good job a house and i would make a good husband. I think I am hurt because of her actions she would sit on the opposite couch when i went to her condo and read a tabloid or look online at shoes all while I sat by myself this cannot be normal? I just need reassurance that I should not call her and that I am not solely at fault for our demise. I never ever been in a relationship where the girl refuses a hug or a kiss or even just to cuddle on a couch and watch tv. She always acted like she was better than me because she is a nurse I am a firefighter and make the same amount of $$$ as she does but she thinks she is so much better and all she ever does is shop for herself and buy items she does not need. I am so lost and I still love her in a weird way I aways think of her sleeping with another man and I hate it. I have beaten myself up and I even seen a therapist who states she has a personality disorder and I cannot change her and I should not change for her that she will always be miserable and live in her miserable past.

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This woman has no control over you, that's just your way of telling yourself that this needs to be more complicated than it actually is.


While it's true that we can't always choose who we love, some people are best loved from far away. That's nobody's 'fault'.


Head high, and walk on.

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