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A poem for the friendzoned...


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There's a place no one wants to beA place you want me to be so you are with me


So you can deal with your woes, and call me when something goes


So you can be single cos it's been a while, don't wanna walk that aisle


Because you don't want to hurt, make me feel like dirt because I'm so


you have trust issues, need plenty of tissues and wish you


Your career IS important, your BIZ IS important. just needs to be


There's just something missing. Just can't put my finger, but don't want to linger or find out


I can not prioritise, sympathise or realise your time, or my




My advice?



Reflect, focus, heal, cry, release and **** it.

Use your wasted energy on things that matter to YOU. You may have though you wasted your time, but you have learnt lessons. Discover the loop that you can break. Experiment with talking to people. Interacting. Interfacing. Build on the confidence that is already there. And it is. Believe me. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO LIVE!!!

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