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I'm 22, he is 16, how do I make a move?

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I REALLY would appreciate some advice on this. I looked for posts similar to my case. but it's always younger boys having the hots for some older woman, and never the other way round.


This comes from someone who has NEVER had a bf. Nothing is wrong with me, besides the fact I'm into hardcore sports which tends to intimidate guys.


I spent all of my university years chasing one guy who yeah, liked me back at the start but then was too intimidated by me, and have felt nothing toward anybody in like a year, despite the fact that I work in a male dominated profession (engineering), and do rockclimbing and kunfu - both male dominated sports as well.


Then this year a little graceful sandy haired brown-belt from kunfu caught my eye. He is just sixteen but has hit his growth spurt. Still, he is a lot younger than me, but I'm really attracted to him...it's his flow and carefreeness, it's so bizarre...I feel like adopting him sometimes!


Anyways, he has no idea. I don't even know if he has a girlfriend. It's not my place to probe. I wonder if we can ever go out. Should I drop subtle hints(If so, how?). Or should just give him my business card and say - call me! One other problem is, he always hangs around his older borther(19-20 yr) who is also in our class.


So yeah, I just want to know if this is a no go area or is there hope? I like my kunfu class and don't want that to get awkard(i.e. I freak the poor little guy out), otherwise(i.e. we become bf/gf), I got no problem with what everyone might think.


thanks in advance



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If you are considering making a move you may want to sell all of your stuff because you won't need it anymore if you are considering having sex. The person you are considering in a minor, and you won't need your stuff because you will be in prison and that is a fact if the parents find out. I suggest you go back to a few of my early posts and read one on this subject and see what really happens. I'm not trying to be harsh, these are facts and it happened to some one I know. It really messed up his life, and is still paying to this day, and will be for a long time.The state laws do not consider sex male of female they consider you a child molester, my friend was charged with rape, and it could happen to you too. He never in a million years thought this could happen to him. I suggest you consider other options this is a "very" poor one and if you pursue it. Well shame on you, you have been warned. I hope you make the right choice. Allot of people in your own age group to choose from. Choose wisely !!!!


Good luck, you will need it if you take the road you are now on.


Visitation is usually on Sundays, and the food is not that good.




Warm Regards




Go read the other post and see what happened to my friend and them pm me with your thoughts after you have weighed it all out.

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Well if your in the UK then 16 is legal.


I don't see a problem with it. Yes theres a fairly large age gap, but if u really like him, and he likes u, then thats great. Its a 6 year age gap, but as u get older it would become less significant. At the start of the year i was going out with a 30 year old when i was 21. Im now 22 and shes now 31, but it was an 8 and a half year age gap.


Good luck in whatever u decide to do.

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hi rivery,


Although here in the uk the minimum age is sixteen, I probably think that 22 and 16 is too much of a gap. I'm not saying that six years is too much, say you went for a 28 year old guy, this would be ok, but to go down six years is a nono.


Think of his parents reaction if you were introduced as his girlfriend!


Besides at 22 you are young enough to get out there into the dating world and date guys that are around your age.


best of luck and keep looking, you'll find that perfect one.

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