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privay rights and STD tests

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Help. During my last well woman exam, my PCP ordered tests for two STDs WITHOUT discussing it with me first. I only know because I received a bill from the lab for $115. I feel violated. When I spoke to the doctor he said that there "isn't a Ob or Gyn or Family Practitioner in the country that would think he did any thing wrong" by ordering these tests without first telling me. He further stated that he was justified because I had complained of stomach pain the week before and that I was a new patient. btw--- I have been in a monogamous relationship for three years, celebate for two before that, always used condoms and been tested for both of these STDs THREE times in the last six years. I just happen to be unmarried. I would LOVE to hear from any physicans, NPs, RNs, PAs, other women, who AGREE or DISAGREE with him.

Thanks for your imput-- also if anyone knows how or where I could take action I would appricate your imput.

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That is standard in some Ob/Gyn offices... I know everytime i've went to a different office they've tested me for STD's.

I wouldn't worry about it so much, Atleast you have proof that you're clean and disease free.

And most Doctors (in my area anyway) when u're a new patient will do that. Did you sign any release/consent forms at all?



-Mythical Suicide-

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I agree with Mythical_Suicide. That's pretty typical and is quite routine of many doctors. Testing for STDs is a good *precaution* and in no way denotes suspicion of promiscuity. Be happy to have a doctor who sees you as more than just a patient chart and who wants to make sure he checks every aspect of your health.

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I have been in your shoes also. When ever you have a history of previous STD's there is a possibility of reinfection without sleeping with someone who is newly infected! I know this first hand it happened to me and for the longest time I was in denial about it. It started with stomach pain and then escalated to the point I couldn't walk. It is always better safe then sorry and most OBGYN will test for everything just to be sure. I wouldn't worry about him accusing you of having something or anything like that, he is more than likely looking out for your best interest in case he missed something and only the test will show the result.

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I'm in the med field. All the places I've worked are required to tell you what tests they are running and some tests require a separate consent form. It's called "INFORMED CONSENT". But, the regulations are different state to state. Check with your Dept of Health Services via web site to find out exactly what the perameters are for where you live.

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