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Social class/level


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I wasn't sure where to put this, but I thought I would ask this as I ran into this last night on Halloween and it made me think. So here goes.


I work in Laguna Beach (a city that has some serious money) at a small shopping center. I was out side in the cold talking to a couple of guys from the Vons pavilions. This car parks and abotu 5 girls jump out and 3 of them run inside to goto the restroom (they yelled this out to their friends as they where running in). As any group of guys would we where checking them out as they where good looking girls that were going to some party. When the 3 girls came out one of the guys yelled out "Hey sweety" and I yelled out "hello". One of the girls instantly yelled back "Shut the *HELL* up". One of the guys said "Laguna girls" and we crack up laughing.


I know what we did may seem rude or mean, but we where board as heck and had nothing better to do and it was in good fun. But what made me think was that here where girls from the upper class that have money and then you have a group of guys that are not so lucky and have to buy a lot of things on their own, and have to work for most things. I am not trying to label anyone or trying to be rude, but obviously there is a clear seperation of social class/level here.


My question is would you be open to date and even talk to a person from a lower or higher social class than you? And would you try to be socially polite or would you be your self and treat them as everyone else or would you treat them differently?

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Good Question Jarupa,


Have you ever heard of Coto de Caza snobs? I know EXACTLY by what you mean about the Laguna Girls. I live near Nellie Gail, kind of near Laguna Beach, so I do know what you're talking about. My best advice is to try to shrug it off. Ever since I moved down here, that's what I had to do: Ignore it! That kind of snobby mentality is something that I cannot tolerate with. It goes hand in hand with the image that some people try to carry around, especially when they have money. Sadly.


Well, to answer your question about class/richness. I would go out with someone who isn't within the same economic bracket that I am in. In fact, my last ex grew up in East L.A. He was straight up from the ghettos, but didn't act like it. So, yes, I would go out with someone who didn't have it as fortunate as I am, financially. But that doesn't mean that I'm willing to be a sugarmama. I would still treat him like an equal, and if he used my social background as a way to put me down, then I would dump him. I find that dating someone within your same economic level is a bit easier, because at least you guys understand each other on a different level.


On the other hand, I would feel intimidated to date someone who had a lot more money than I do. My other ex didn't come from the same economic background. In a lot of ways, he sneered down upon me, because I didn't measure up to his friends. Come on now! How the heck could I measure up to them anyway? I was still young, and they were well off into their medical careers. So, I wouldn't date anyone who is a snob in general. Someone who has a similar background to me, is more of someone who I most likely feel comfortable around with. At leaast we can relate to each other more. So, same economic level or less is fine with me.

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To answer the second part of your question:


I treat everyone equally, from the garbage collector, the janitor, to the chairman of my school. I don't care who it is. I will treat people with respect, as long as they show the same amount of respect to me. But, I must say, I do have more of a soft spot for the poorer people. In fact, I wish I could work more with the urban community folks. They deserve a lot of respect. Do you know how hard they have it? With all of their backbreaking labor that they go through? All of those overworked hours? And no one gives them respect? Talk about severe osteoperosis! They don't even have the proper medical care. So yes, I would respect even the poor people.


You know what gets me the most, when I see elders working at Wal-Mart. I know its their job, but I wish they were more well off. That's what hurts. Sometimes, I'll see these rich people in my area make fun of them. I hate it when people mistreat and sneer down upon others!


I grew up on the oppossite end of the rich spectrum, but now I'm in the middleclass background. That's why I can relate to the poorer folks. I also find that they have a lot of compassion. Unlike what the media often portrays them to be. That's why, everytime I go back to the ghetto areas to visit relatives and such, I smile to anyone who's polite, especially to the poorer people who are struggling. I see a lot of my dad's hardships and what he went through in them. So I can truly sympathize and relate with them.

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My parents built their financial status from grounds up too, so I lived in tiny apartments no bigger than 600 sq ft for at least 8 years. Now we're somewhere in the upper middle class I suppose, but once I start earning an income of my own I'll happily build my own status from grounds up too.


I treat everyone equally. Actually, my dad was afraid that we won't treat people equally so he had me working at a fast food restraunt until mom said it's not good for my health. (I went back after because they needed help). I treat all my co-workers and the chefs in the back + the maintenence workers equally. I treat people who are richer than me equally too. My roommate's the daughter of a CEO but she still envies people who are richer than her. I don't really understand the point of being envious in them... but I guess I've seen too many rich kids and befriended too many of them that I just don't care anymore. As long as they're not snobs, they're really just human.


As far as whether I'd date anyone outside of my social economic status, of course I will! My boyfriend came from a family that's still paying mortgage on their first house after 25 years. o_O ^^: I don't really care. I do see some problems that'll need to be addressed down the line. I don't like the way my boyfriend treats money, and he's not very financially oriented and doesn't see the value in investments... yeah, we'll have to fix that. Other than that, I have no problems with it. Would I date someone richer than me if I had a chance to? ...to a point Some rich families have really strong background and expect their daughter in laws to act a certain way, dress appropriately.. as much as it sounds nice, NO THANKS. I'm no barbie and don't intend to be one. Other than that, sure, richer, poorer, it's all about what you make of yourself 20 years down the line right? As long as the person makes me happy there's nothing wrong with it.


...my parents. >_> obviously want me to have a richer boyfriend. >_

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to a point Some rich families have really strong background and expect their daughter in laws to act a certain way, dress appropriately..
Ugghh..I know. I really dislike that too! Isn't it suffocating? It's almost as if every move you make, the whole side of his family knows. My mom still slaps it in my face every once in a while. She'll say, "You could've been married to a nice guy! You would've been settled by now. He was such a nice guy." Huh! Yah right, mom. You didn't know him like I did. Sure, it's nice to date someone who was successful and came from a nice background, but I wouldn't marry anyone who's a snob. He did everything to make me happy, I must admit, but the quality that he lacked was: a good heart!


I just cannot stand people who are so cold to others. Sure, he was a gentleman. He certainly raised the bar, but a part of me just couldn't ever accept the fact that he was too snooty. He'd look down on others, and didn't share the same views that I did about poor people. So, I'm glad that we broke up! That's something that I look for in a partner as well, someone who understands the hardships of different people, and someone who can truly sympathize with others. Otherwise, that person's just not worth my time.

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