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Well Im back

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After talking to a very kind person called Scout who I owe everythhing to helped me realise how ill I was and after talking to Scout I rang up the hospital and told them the situation and they got an ambulance to me which i can say didn`t take long at all to get to me, and now after a break in hospital i feel alot better, and I will say again it`s all thanks to scout

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Well I found out that my son was killed in a traffic accident whom i have not seen since he was a baby and if he was still alive he would be 16yrs old, well thats how it started, but I was looking for things on the net to kill myself and yes I found out quite a few things errm sleeping with knives, overdoseing, not sleepping at all, basically all I wanted to do was die, and everyone around me knew that but all they could do was just watch me go deeper into a deep dark hole with no escape. lets say this I was so close one time of killing myself but if it wasn`t for someone walking in on me (I left the door unlocked) I even went through the clensing process , which basically is a good bath,a shower, so I would be clean ready to be picked up by the angels and taken to a better place, so yea you could say I was very ill.

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Kalash, many thanks for your incredibly kind words. Remember, YOU made the call to the hospital, and have made incredible strides on your own since. I'm so proud of you!


I hope you will continue to post on eNotalone, because you've certainly "been through the fire" and can be of great help to others who are so distraught, that suicide seems like the only option. Your experience and perception could save a life.


Welcome back!


- Scout

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