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A girl asked me out, right after breaking up

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Well, this happened a few days ago, and I don't exactly know how to reply. Me and this one girl are pretty good friends, and just recently she broke up with her boyfriend. She told me about what happened, then asked me if I would go out with her if she asked me. I haven't seen here since then, but this was last friday, and I don't have school until tomorrow. So the real question is what should I say? I think she's a great person, but I know it is a big mistake to get into a relationship right after breaking up.

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It's very dangerous territory.


If you are able (I think few are) to put feelings aside easily, then what do you have to lose?


But I believe that people need time for themselves to get over their past relationship, especially if it's that fresh, to heal.


It really could become an emotional rollercoaster though, be wary

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