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Why do guys ask for a number, but not call. The last 3 guys I've met (while waitressing or at bars), actually asked me for digits. I didn't slip it into their jockies on a gum wrapper or anything


So why no call? It's been a couple weeks for each of them. This has never happened to me before. Usually if they do the asking, I get a call within a few days max.

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Hi there,

Maybe they figured you were out of their league...or wanted to score a number but never had the intention of calling. There is probably a ton of reasons why guys don't call.


If I was in your shoes I'd make it a little tougher for the next guy that asked for my number. I'd smile and say something like " I have a policy: I don't give my number to customers" if he is really interested he will persist and MAYBE he will be more likely to call. If not he may leave you alone.

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I have a cardinal rule that I always follow and I don't know how waitresses react to it so I'll propose it here and get some feedback....


Loralei, my rule is that I never hit on or ask a waitress for her number mainly because of two reasons: 1) It's not entirely obvious most of the time whether or not a waitress is actually interested in you or just working you for a better tip, and 2) I get the impression it makes her feel uncomfortable because even though it is a restaurant it is still unprofessional to be forced into a situation where you are choosing between hurting his feelings or giving in. Do you know what I mean? My ex was a waitress and she said she hated it when guys would hit on her because she didn't want to tell them no for fear of a bad tip or whatever.


Any comments/opinions on this...?

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The waitress thing makes sense. I actually only work at weddings so I don't get tips, I get a gratuity in check form. And I am nicer to the guys that I'm interested in, hoping they'll ask me out. I hear what most of you guys are saying. Play harder to get! That's what my mom always told me. I just find it so difficult to be aloof when all I wanna do is jump on these hot guys


heh j/k but I think you catch my drift

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