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Letter to my "ex" -- UPDATED Dec 14th -- Closure

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Im Sorry Trish,


I dont know what to say, how could he not respond to that beautiful letter?? Obviously he has a heart of stone!!


Well if it gives you the closure you need then i guess that is a good thing!!


You always conducted yourself with grace and dignity so you can hold your head up high and say at least i tried!!


His loss will be someone slse's gain!!


Have a fab trip and here's to 2005 bringing us both the happiness we deserve!!

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thanks Foz.


I was tough to get through the weekend, but I managed to keep myself distracted, and now that the window of opportunity for him to contact me is quickly closing shut, it's easier.


I don't think he has a heart of stone, I just think he can't connect with his feelings right now. Living his life in a box.


However, you can't wait forever and he has to make an effort to help himself or it's pointless. You are right, his loss is someone else's gain.


How's the new place?

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Well, I got the "response" letter today. I won't type the entire thing in, but just want to say I now have closure. I got an answer, although not the answer I was hoping for. After I read it, I called him. We talked for about an hour. It was nice to hear his voice, but nothing has really changed.


The letter said he still loves me and thinks of my often. That he keeps the memories of our good times alive through the company name, "Ashton" which is the place I live. So I guess I finally understand why he named the company that -- and not because he has some romantic dream of living in Ashton someday. He went on to say that he has only great memories of us together and he appreciated very much the letter I wrote. But, he wants me to move on and start dating again. That I have so much to offer some lucky person. He wished me well, and told me that he hopes I get all the happiness I deserve and all my dreams come true. He ended the letter by saying "Just know I will always love you and remember our precious time together".


When we spoke, I told him that I could not start dating again, because I am not in the right headspace. That I needed to be truly over this relationship before I could commit to someone else. This was a nod to what he did to me, and I hope it did not go unnoticed. I really feel that he doesn't "get it" and will be out dating again soon.


Anyway, I am glad I called him, because the more I heard him talk, the more I realized he is still in denial and is not seeing the real problems, and quite frankly, I can't be with someone who isn't willing to deal with difficult issues by any other means than running away. I realize that he is never going to change, and I couldn't spend my life with someone who could so easily cut someone else out of their lives, while they continue to say they love you. He just can't see that I could have been such a positive help in this situation.


Anyway, it's now done, and so am I. I leave to Tasmania in two days and when I get back, I will looking only forward NOT back.


To everyone on here, have a wonderful, safe and hoepfully HAPPY holiday, despite whatever you might be going through now. Just remember, things will get better -- eventually.

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