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mixed signals, i dont understand!!

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this may all sound stupid but im so confused!! guys are weird!!


ok, theres this really really cute guy who ive literally liked for about a year. yeah ive had boyfrends and liked other people in that time, but theres always been sumthing about him.


anyway, the a few weeks ago i started chatting to him more, and got drunk and sed that i liked him, and he said he liked me too (this was over the phone) and sinse then hes been texting me saying do u wanna meet up this week n stuff, but we've always been too busy.


yesterday, he said he had a free house and a couple of his mates were there and did i wanna go over (bare in mind he was a bit stoned so he wasnt that with it, but still...) so i rang him and said if i could find his house id be there soon.


so me and my mate went along, found the house, and rang the bell, and no1 was there! there were some shoes by the door, and everytime i rang the house phone we could hear it outside, but either they werent answering or they werent in. so we left and had to walk 45 mins to get somewhere else we could go on saturday night (cos i wasnt gonna let him ruin my night!).


so i met some other frends, and rang him a few times, and sent him a message saying we were at ur house where are you?! but he didnt reply and wasnt answering his house fone or mobile.


i dont understand!!! he hasnt called me at all today and i spoke to his brother last night really late who said he was at home asleep but he had only just got home so he didnt kno how long hed been there, and i told him to tell him to ring me, but he hasnt!! and i dont want to be the first one to say anything cos i kno it sounds stupid but i dont wanna look like i care too much, but i dont hes the kind of person who would do all that just to upset me, i dont understand!!!! i dont get why the thort didnt cross his mind that he should at least let me kno why he wasnt at home!! he fed me all these nice lines, always saying "im doing this *blah blah* but id rather be somewhere with you" etc, and ive spoken to him nearly every day this week, but i havent heard from him sinse yesterday!!


so are there any guys that can help me understand stupid boys and their stupid ways??!!

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Erm.....do you want to be with a guy that gets stoned?


I know that you like him alot and can't keep him out of your head, but I'd seriously think long and hard about any relationship with this guy.......


1. you have made the effort to go and see him (he appeared not to be there after saying he had an empty)

2. you phoned him several times (he didn't answer)

3. You text him (he didn't reply)

4. he hasn't even bothered to even contact you after all this.


You have done your bit of chasing, if he really liked you he would have made more of an effort.Good on you going elsewhere on that Sat night and getting on with things though!


He sounds like he's still having a ball with his mates and not really ready for a girlfriend.


Set your target to find someone better and believe me......you won't think of him the same way again. It will be hard but worth it!!

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