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I noticed at the beginning of the year that there was a new kid in my math class. I remember thinking that he was reallllllllll.....yy cut and he looked reallly nice too, which is always a plus. But, it's been almost 3 months and I still haven't talked to him! Well, that's not true, he asked me a question and i was barely able to mutter out teh word "cool!". I don't know what it is, but I just get this liek achey feeling in my stomach and my heart starts punding at 100mph. and I forget almost everything! I do see him looking ta me sometimes in class, and I really want to talk to him and not look liek an idiot! We are both pretty shy people too, so that just makes it even more complicated! He doesn't have that many friends yet, and there is this girl that is nivk-named "the man sucker" b/c it seems liek her main goal in life is to make out with every1 in the entire school, anyways, I have seen her talking to him, and I don't know what to do!!!! Please help me! I reallllllllly like him, and I think he might like me, but I am too scaird to say something to him....this is realllly startimng to stress me out too!!!! AHHHHHHHH....

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Ok here are the steps



1) Take a chil pill


2)I think your experiencing love


3)Since hes alone often ask him if u wnna go park or do summat fun


4)Get him before the ManSuckerleech thing doessbecause the seems like she could break him forever since hes shy..Thy dont really have commitment


5)Dont be shy and get out there


6) Ill have a drink for you if these work and heres on for you too




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Plain and simple: it sucks to be shy. Yet I know it can be hard, to get over shyness. However, if you don't want the other girl to get him, you should probably try to talk to him. Just muster all the courage you have, and talk to him. Maybe, just walk by and say 'hi' or ask help on homework, even if you already know the answer. Good luck!

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