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GUYS~ what does this mean

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hey guys,


i was just wondering...ok let me give you the situation..ok there is this guy named jason and we don't kno each other but every day i see him @ lunch or going to his classes or some where and whenever i see him he sees me and we always make eye contact but we never talk and every time when he is there and i turn around he is all ways looking at me but not in the way of a phyco stalker you know and today when we saw each other he said hey to me and i said hey back and i was just wonderign does this kinda sorta hint an attraction going on...or just friendship or what b/c i cna't tell...hope u can help

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It could be. I used to the same thing to girls I was attracted to. What he's doing now is checking you out and considering how many times you say he looks at you, I'm guessing your quite a hottie and he just can't seem to get enough of looking at you. If you want to, go up to him and talk I mean we guys don't always have to be the agressor. If it's one thing I like, it's a girl who's aggressive and knows what she wants. If ur interested in him, talk to him and then bring it up as you get deeper into it. Hope that helps.

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