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There this girl I like. We meet each other a couple months ago and have become very close friends.


We have gone out on a few dates, and everything of course went well. Of course I am too much of nice guy to make any moves. On the first date date I ask her if she was seeing anyone and she said "YES" they have been seeing each other for a couple of years, but it is a long distance relationship.


I am 100% SURE she likes me more than just a close friend and I pretty sure she knows I like her too. I have always been a passive and reserve guy, so I am confuse right now what to do???


I don't want to break up her relationship or cause her more drama because I do truly care about her. But it has been consuming inside for the last couple weeks, and I feel I need to let it out and let her know how I truly feel about her.


I want to tell her I like her, but that I do not want to hurt her or mess things up for her since she is in a relationship. I don't want to see her hurt or confused because that would hurt me too, as I have already built this unconditional love for her as she was like my sister. I don't want her to fight, be in doubt, or break-up with her boyfriend because of me.... because that wouldn't be right PLUS she's been with him for a COUPLE of YEARS and she has only known me for a couple of months.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks

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hey yada

i think shelby911 is right you should tell her exactly how you feel but you have to make it clear to her you dont want to push her into anything!


i mean you cannot go throught life asking the question "what would have happened if i had told her how i felt?" becasue thats just not right if you tell her then it is down to her to make the choice! you will have done all you can but make sure you do no act weird around her afterwards that will just put her off!


but you will have to be prepared to give her time because she will have to make desisions like wether her surrent relationship will last?...


you sound like a great guy and she will make the right desision wether it is to go with you or not! If she desides against going with you then she will not be the one for you "why love someone if they do not love you nearly as much"


"for every one person who rejects you there are others waiting to accept you"


hope ive made some sense and help you out with you desision

lots of luv TTMO


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