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Any fantasy books to recommend?


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Hi All,


I recently met a colleague at my work place that I don't see very often because she's always out of the country for work purposes. The last time I met her was a good 2 months ago and I thought it'll be a nice idea to get her something before she comes back. I know she's an avid reader of fantasy books and have read a prologue of one of the books she'd loaned to me for an afternoon. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of fantasy genre books and neither can I remember the author of the book. What I do remember is that there was magical powers, dark and mythical characters and didn't involve romance. So I did some research and that would fall into the category of fable and mythic fantasy but I wanted a a personal opinion of any book that someone had read instead of books that the website was trying to sell.


Any ideas?


Many thanks

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