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eye contact work-cafeteria


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Since I'm a newbie and have a little situation going, I thought I'd

ask over here what to think/do about it.


First let me tell something about me. I'm a 26 year old,

average-to-good looking, do lots of sports.


So, here it comes. At work the colleagues and me always go to the

cafeteria in the building next door, where some other companies are

settled. The last couple of months, there is a very nice-looking girl

who 'gazes' at me. I've never spoken to her, since I haven't had the

luck to, by accident, be next in line with her when waiting for our

meal. It's also hard for me to just go over and talk to her, while she

is enjoying her meal with some of her colleagues.


Now, if and when she is watching me, and our eyes lock, she isn't the

type that looks away, and she can hold the 'lock' for about 3 secs.

Also, I've noticed her sometimes, while in a conversation with her

friend(also very good-looking), she nevertheless is watching me. Now,

don't understand me wrong, she is not looking for like a full hour,

but rather let's say in that hour some 10 times.


Last week it was really going through the roof, we were constantly

looking. So, when we (me & colleagues) finished our dinner, I took my

plate and had to pass her. Since I'm not an artist at carrying dinner

plates, I had to keep my eye to the plate. Though, the last

split-second I passed her, I looked down to her, and saw that she,

while talking to her friend, was looking to me. Now I was already too

far for her to see me, I was past her view-field.


This week, yesterday, I specifically chose not to look at her for like

the first 5-10 minutes, as I wanted to see if it is always me who

initiated eye-contact. Though, after those 10 minutes, I noticed that

she was, again, looking in my direction for a few times (6 times on 20

minutes or so).


Today, she was sitting at a table in front of me, like 2 meters away from me, with her back to me. After a few minutes and noticing me, she, instead of sitting straight on her chair, talked to her friend by sitting cross on the chair. Also, my friend told me she was looking behind her frequently.


Now, to my newbie-brain, I'm thinking of 2 possible situations. Either

she's fond of me, or either she's thinking of me as a 'ruthless'

bastard. But in the latter, wouldn't a woman not spend her time on

someone she dis-likes???


If and when I decide to go for it, I have 2 possibilities : going

straight to her, or going to have a chat with her friend and see how

it goes....


Now, what is this situation like?






PS. The only reason I haven't gone up and talk to her is that she is do damned pretty .....

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Hi Kevin! It's all very simple she likes you. Like you said if someone's not interested in someone they wouldn't spend ALL their time looking at them.


Maybe the next time she keeps on eyeing you, you could give her a smile, or when you walk past her hold her gaze and just say hi. I wouldn't make any major moves or anything. Play it cautious.


Keep us updated.

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Lucky you!

Next time shes alone, if she looks at you, engage eye contact, stand up, and walk over to her. Ask her on a date perhaps. As soon as you mention the word date she will probably say yes, so you don't really need to plan what you are going to say. I planned what I was going to say to this girl once, and she said yes straight away, and I was totally confused because I hadn't said 95% of what I was going to say! I'm 100% sure she likes you mate, just don't let it get to your head though, or you'll ruin it and act like an idiot. Go for it mate, I garantee you wont get turned down... If you do I will be very shocked.

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Thx for the response. I know I will have to go up and talk to her, and that I really can't wait much longer.


But should I go talk to her/friend, it's really hard to talk with her in the cafetaria, but I wouldn't wanna wait by her car or so. It's so 'stalker'.


Is it a good idea to first talk to her friend?


And when talking to her, should I be fast about asking her out, or rather talk it up a little and maybe waiting for the next conversation to ask.





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Imagine if you did something like this:


Walked up to her and her group of friends and say

"Excuse me, but I need a female opinion on something,

can I borrow you for a minute?"


(Pull her away from her friends/table to the side or window or something)


Then ask her with a mischievous smile:

"Hi there, my name is _______, I have this problem and I am looking for a female opinion, there is this beautiful girl at a cafeteria that I noticed. Everyday we keep looking at each other and I think she might like me. I am interested in her too. Do you think I should just go up to her and ask her to go for a coffee or do you think she might take it the wrong way?"

She says, "blah blah, whatever..."

You say, "Want to go for a coffee?" and smile.




It's not about what you say, but how you come accross. Confident and witty.



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Sometimes she leaves her table for a coffee, guess that would be a great situation for a first short chat. Any coffee jokes???


Should I go for the 'date' right away, or just have some small talk the first time? Maybe go for it on a second conversation.



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Sounds like a plan. Becarefull with EC'ing (she might not understand) say perhaps something like you've noticied her noticing you or something, if you want, but im just being picky tbh. Good look mate, and act soon or she will loose interest. TBH i htought you would of done something by now.

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