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My very best friend, he's so far away now...:(

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i just want to share my story here. Think maybe it's good way to dry my tears.

I've been crying all night long and trouble to sleep at night lately.


My very best left me this afternoon, back to his country for good.

We've been together for a year and was wonderful time with him

We used to share stories, meet on the weekend for lunch or dinner, gossip on the phone for hours. It was fun !


We never meet again, but ppl say "never say never", never can tell the future. We promised each other to stay in touch by email. It's not a "goodbye" it's " till we meet again"


But why i still feel so devastated, feel so empty. He's been such a wonderful person to me. How can i NOT miss him ??

I cried whole day....still tears in my eyes now. I feel like he took a big part of me, its like a big hole in my heart now

I hope he has a wonderful life there. I pray that someday i can meet him again God, Im gonna miss him badly....

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