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What goes around, comes around? Not so sure!!!

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I used to really believe that the idea of "what goes around, comes around " was true, but I wonder now. For example, my ex dumped me and treated me like dirt when she broke up with me, and she is happy as can be with her new man. No remorse for me at all.


So I'm starting to doubt "what goes around comes around."


Anyone have opinions?

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hi herewegoagain


Yep i hear you there, this saying is what everyone is telling me that what goes around comes around, what i wonder tho is how long we actually have to wait to see if its true or not.


my guy dumped me too and married someone he hadnt seen in 18 years all within 3 weeks of dumping me and i know how you feel that they dont even care that they are hurting us

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Blushes - that's awful what your ex did. As you say, we may never get to see them get a taste of their own medicine. It just makes me angry that some people get away with anything, and never get punished in any way. It's just very frustrating.


Hang in there. I'm sure you will meet someone much better than your ex. I'm trying to tell myself that, but it's hard to believe sometimes.

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Who cares how they feel, or whether what goes around comes around? Don't worry about them, worry about making yourself happy. The chances are, your ex probably isn't as happy as you think. And even if she is...so what?


As long as I am happy, then that is all that matters to me.


Take care,



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yep its very very hard


its even harder when we cant stop loving them, i think i worry more about him getting hurt by her , sad huh i know but just cant help our feelings


if you ever wanna chat just PM me sometime, sometimes it helps to talk to someone who is going thru the similar things as ourselves

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I got to see it, actually with all of the exes I had who for whatever reasons were not so great to me. The recent boyfriend was a lyer so I'm sure he'll get the taste of his own medicine.


But I had this fiance 5 years ago, cheated on me with my friend. Now, this guy lost all of his money, works as a carpenter instead of this computer guru he was planning to become. His posh life ended and he looks like hell.


The girl, moved to London from US, married a VP of Credit Swiss bank who is loaded and at first it seemed like - omg, she's living her dream even tho she cheated on her husband (he was her bf at the time) with my ex, hurt me and told my ex to hit the road after he and I split up (basically screwed everybody).


Get this, she's 26, she's unhappy because she married because of the money, not because she loved the guy - she looks like she's 40 now (I'm not kidding - everybody who saw her said that and I saw her in person too) - she looks miserable.


So you see, being patient is all that's needed - I believe that what goes around comes around. My recent ex lied to me, broke up with me and not knowing of all of his bad deeds thinking we might stay friends - I helped him and found him his dream job. When I called to find out about the job, he said "Who's this?" after two months !...I stopped talking to this person and never actually tried to mess his new job for him because I believe that he'll mess it up for himself, and I'm sure he's new gf will dump him eventually when she find out what a jerk he is.

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Rich - you are right, but I still kind of wish that she gets a taste of her own medicine, but as you said, I shouldn't worry about her at all.


Rich - by the way, how is your situation? Anything new happen yet?

It's natural to feel like that, but just focus on yourself, because I'm pretty confident that what goes around does come around. It's only been a few months though...


As for my situation, no further developments. And to be quite honest, I'm glad! Her contacting me messed up with my emotions for about a week afterwards - I was thinking about her a lot more, debating whether to try the friends thing etc. It was a setback, but as is the case with setbacks, they usually make you stronger in the long run. I'm not ruling out being friends with her one day, but 3 months is not long enough for me. I tried to fool myself into thinking that I was fine, but I need a lot longer. What's the rush? If we were meant to be, we will be.


So I've quit stressing about it!



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...not that it made me feel better, but I got a drunken phone call from an ex after 4 years...and he said that he got everything he deserved and more after how he hurt me and all this stuff. The thing is, he did hurt me a lot, but in the end I was the one who ended it all. Then he begged me to come back and i didn't. Years later he dated some girl who ended up treating him terribly and dumping him hard.


He said all the things that I wanted to hear when were together. And y'know what...it didn't make me feel good. I didn't want him to feel pain and hurt like that...i wish no one had to feel it...but, I guess I wanted to see it before, when I was going through the hurt.


You know you're truly over someone when you don't wish hurt and pain on them. Y'know?


Also, i broke up with a guy and hurt him very much...not intentionally...the relationship was doomed and we did our best...but it just wasn't working, he was really hurt...as was I , in a different way...it's not quite as hard when you're the dumper...and then I got dumped pretty hard myself...so, there's two examples of "what goes around comes around"...


...it always happens in some form or another...not always in the same way...


it's too bad, really...that we all can't just be happy...

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Rich - good for you!! It seems like you are very strong. Take your time with her. As you say, if it is meant to be, it will happen.


So does she still contact you?

Not contacted me for 2 weeks - probably because the rebound is back on the scene! Like I said though, I'm not interested anymore. It would just confuse me and spoil my trip to New Zealand next year. One of her reasons for breaking up with me was that she needed to be single for a while, yet within 2 months she was with another guy. Well there will be plenty of single girls in NZ, so I am starting to look at the future rather than on the past.


The last time we spoke she was crying, saying she was scared of losing a good thing. She's right!



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I believe it cause. I dated this girl while she was dating someone else I was really into her. Well she told me that she was dating some1 else also. Well she feel for him after her one of her best friends had sex with him. I was like o wow. She said she would never talk to them again bla bla bla. Well she was wrong 3 days later I find out that they are bf/gf. Well about almost 2 weeks into the realtionship I find that he cheated on her had sex with some1 else.


The first time she ran to me called me on the phone crying. I supported her and told her it would be alright u know. Well she ran for him. Now shes thinking of breaking up with him. I still am really debating on if I should get back together with her if she says something about it. She asked to be friends and all I said yes but im still in a wonder.

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