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after 6.5 years my fiance and i drifted apart and we split up. (condensed version). its been 5.5 months and things couldnt get any worse, she was ignoring me , not returning calls, said she was interested in someone else. i did the begging thing, crying, trying to make her feel sorry for me, i drove her nuts. she sounded like she hated my guts, she would go out of her way to avoid me, i mean i was at the lowest that you could get in a relationship and then i realized, how did i expect to get her back if she didnt want to be even near me. so i gave my head a shake and came to the conclusion that any thing i said to her was not going to help and get on with my life. but still have hope. so i stopped calling her with petty excuses and left her alone . 3 days later i ran into her by accident and i was caught off guard by her friendliness. (i think my confidence must have showed because i didnt put on a act , i was just myself)


well while i was leaving , i casually said for her to give me a call. well loe and behold, she calls me and we talk for 2.5 hours . i did not bring anything up about us getting back together we just talked about life in general and had some laughs like old times. now she calls me just to gab.

we even talked about working out together at her place. she also told me that she had a hard time sleeping that night after our 2.5 hour conversation, which is rare for her not to sleep well.


heres whats im confused about, is she trying to be friends or is she thinking about us getting back together? this guy shes suposed to be seeing is never around. every time i see her somewhere she is never with him and she has not told her friends about him. im starting to think that she just told me that to stop me from pestering her. i am going to take things as cautious as possible. i dont want to mess up. but it is amazing when you take the advise of people on this forum, how things can change around. i went from no hope and being depressed to having a chance of working things out in less than a week. i think that the main reason that this happened is because i went from a " please take me back" personality

to a confident " if you come back , great , if you dont its ok too " personality. in doing so she has shown me respect and is seeing me the way that she fell in love with me instead of some whinning idiot.


i hope i dont mess this little opportunity up . it might be my last chance to fix this relationship for good.

thanx for letting me vent. you people are great.

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thanx, i really do feel i could get along in life without her but it will be a lot better with her in it. even if something in the conversation hurts , i just let it slide and remember , we are not a couple now so quit thinking as a couple. i am thinking way down the road , not next week. i am going to see if it will take its natural course. if it doesnt ,than it wasnt meant to be .

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That's exactly how I feel, I would rather my husband was in my life, but you know if he doesn't want to be there he won't be and well F$$% it ...


we are in a "dating" sit. which is making me slightly nuts. But you know I am focusing on other things and if it is meant to be it will be.


I think she is trying to get back... you don't talk fo 2.5 hours with your ex... only your best girlfriend... and even then you meet for drinks instead...


keep us posted.

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