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...uh, I guess I'm looking for encouragement

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I posted link removed on the other board, so that will give you the story... I'm really shy and afraid of opening up to people. Within the last couple of days though, I've almost convinced myself to ask her out because she'll say yes. That is really scary to me because that's what happened the last time and it didn't work out well at all. But I really want to tell her, I just don't want to ruin anything again.

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Well in cases like this, first see what it was exactly that you did wrong that one other date. When you do, all you need to do is find a way to fix that problem so it won't happen again. For example, suppose you forget to bring enough money for a good night out. Well then just bring some more money 8) . Besides that, go for it, you already know she could say yes. And no worries, theres nothing to lose .

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And no worries, theres nothing to lose .


Ah, but there is something to lose, like being able to talk to her again.


The other post I linked to describes it thoroughly. When I say it didn't work out well, I mean I got shot down, and my friendship has never been the same. That's what I don't want to duplicate.

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It varies with girl to girl though. One of my guy friend's liked me but I didn't feel the same way. It didn't change our friendship though because I know he respects me and my choices.


I've told a guy friend I liked him and it didn't chage our friendship. 5 months later we're still the same great friends we always were!


Remember: Not asking her is a 100% chance of getting shot down. If you ask her your odds are at least 50%-50%.

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Remember: Not asking her is a 100% chance of getting shot down.


I consider that to be very profound for a person your age. Although that puts you at the same age as my little brother, which is a little weird, but thanks nonetheless.


I think it my chances were really 50/50 there would be no doubt in my mind of asking.

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