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i had posted not too long ago that there was this girl i liked at school. i was able t go up to her and we have had a couple of brief conversations. but i find it harder to open up still. we usually see each other at this weekly social thing but today i couldn't really say much. as i was leaving through the parking lot she asked me if i was going to this social thing that was going on tonight but i told her i had a class. the problem was, i didn't have my contacts in and she kinda drove out of nowhere and i felt completley off guard. i still don't even know if she was in a relationship. i mean i asked someone but they didn't know. i may see her tomorrow and i was thinking about giving her a copy of this story i wrote. it's not a big deal or nothing, i just keep finding it hard to open up and this is the best thing i can think of at the moment. sorry if this sounded stupid...anything else i can do although i am trying the best i can.

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Well for whatever reason it takes you a while to be comfortable with someone. If you want to be this way then you can continue along this path. If you dont want to be this way anymore then you need to make an effort to expose yourself (slowly) to people that are you comfortable with. It is going to take time and remember no dramatic jumps just takes small steps for now and keep moving forward.

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Hey Saku,


Opening up to girls is defiantely hard. The worst thing that can happen is they say no, BUT u have ho make an effort to get to know them first. If u want to, think of the most embarrasing or more regretful thing uve ever done, and say to yourself this can't be worse than that. Works for me. For example:


I went to the homecomign dance at my school, and I was so damn tense I couldn't dance with the girl I liked (she was there for the taking too), the big guy on the football team who I know bear-hugs me when I won HC Prince and when I did dance w/people after she left, I discovered I needed a little practice. I went into school that Monday energetic as usual, especially near that girl and it probably looked a little odd since I was tense at the dance.


So as you can see, things will not be perfect, but if u take them the right way, are confident and are happy with yourself (self-esteem), u will be fine. Just step up there, take a deep breath (the breath helps, seriously) and talk to her like there's no tomorrow!


Good luck!

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