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I liked this girl, then I finally told her. I told her I was in love with her and I wanted to be with her, she then told me she don't know what to do now, as she was tryin to get wit sum1 else then all of a sudden I ask her, so she said she doesnt knwo what to do now. She has been having problems in her life and so have I, I just wanna be with someone that I know will make me happy. Because, im just not happy. Do you think I still have a chance with her?

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First you have to come to the realization that a person cannot make you happy, you are the only one who can make yourself happy. This may be hard to do but its the truth and you need to believe it and accept it. Depending on others for your happiness will cause you to have dramatic ups and downs. If this girl was interested in getting with someone else and you made this confession to her, i dont see it working out in your favor. Before you express how you feel to a person its always best that they have similar feeligs for you otherwise your effort was in vain. I dont want you to get your hopes up with this girl, what you need to do is find how you can make yourself happy then you will have successful relationships.

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Before you express how you feel to a person its always best that they have similar feeligs for you otherwise your effort was in vain


Day walker, this is not the case. You should express how you feel at all times! If you hold it in, you never know what you may miss out on in life! It's very possible that she has always felt the same for him and maybe thought he didn't like her, or they were just friends. Or, maybe she just never thought of it that way! The fact that she is now confused, means that she is thinking about it!


Don't give up hope hon!! Just be there for her.. be he friend.. don't pressure, and see what happens.

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hey! i know how the girl feels and all you can do is wait now! i got confused when my friend said the same thing to me! how did you tell her i got it sent through a text message on my mobile so i wasnt sure wheather to believe it or not! he wrote me a letter telling me how much he cared about me adn it made me feel like at least someone cared for me but i didnt want anyhting alse but to be friends with him and we are still great friends to the day! if anything is going to happen it is in her hands now so dont worry just wait but dont let it stop yourself from having fun!


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