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what to do when you like someone who works for you?

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I hope I'm not the first person with this problem. I have a crush on a 30-year-old guy at work....who reports to me. Yes, I am his boss. I know this is dangerous territory, but I also know this is the place where most people meet each other these days (aside from online).


We have a really good working relationship, and I certainly don't impose the "I'm the boss" attitude on him because he is mature and I can trust him to do his job. Anyway, we have become somewhat of friends and I really think he is giving me signals. Smiling/joking/prolonged eye contact....when he talks to me our eyes lock and usually don't look away until a few seconds after we stop speaking.


Of course, there's more to the story but I wanted some opinions from people who have been there....if there is something between us, should I wait for him to approach me? Will he? Is it ever OK to ask someone that works that you have a romantic interest in out for a drink?


If you have ever been there, on either end, what happened? I really want to hear your story.

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Absolutely, positively, never ever get involved with a subordinate at work. You are opening yourself and your company to a lawsuit if anything at all goes wrong. I know you think "it could never happen to me". But I've seen it over and over again.


Co-workers is a different story. But boss/subordinate is a definite minefield. Don't do it.

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