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I'm struggling to feel good about life at the moment. It' a reasonably long story with many offshoots. My boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me 4 weeks ago. He said he "didn't love me anymore" and wasn't happy with the situation we were in. It came out of the blue for me. We have been through an extrememly stressful time of late. My Mum has terminal cancer and our work has been crazy. Whenever I was upset about Mum dying he would say to me "DOn't worry I'll be there for you". He WAS extremely supportive. We own a house together and I have moved out to live with my parents. To complicate things I found out he had bought an engagement ring for me 1 week before we broke up. This was on a bank statement. He knows I found this out and says he wishes I hadn't. at first he said he needed a break and I didn't handle it very well so he said that we should break up completely. We have been in contact every 2/3 days talking about various things. On Fri my Dad had a stroke and I rang my partner and he was very upset and told me to be strong and that he loved me. He has also said in an email that he doesn't want to rule out us getting back together. He hasn't told anyone except his familyn that we have broken up. I hope this is because maybe he thinks we will get back together. I am finding it extremely hard to get over this. Should I just forget about him or keep hanging in there. I really need support at this time of my life.

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My god. You sound like you've had it pretty rough in life recently.


If I were you i'd hang in there. If this guy bought an engagement ring, planning to use it, i can't believe that he's just stopped loving you. He probably felt enclosed, trapped in your relationship - and like he said, he probably needed a break. Give it time, and i'll be surprised if nothing happens. And remember - don't keep it bottled up. Talk to friends about it, and confide in those close to you - trust me, it really does help.


In all, from what you're saying, I find it hard to believe that nothing is going to start up again.


So hang in there and let us know what happens.

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