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ok....I know this may seem like a stupid question, but I can't figure it out....Why is it that when I breakup with a guy, everytime, no matter what the reason( even if he neglected me, I hardly had any feelings left for him...) I want him back so much!!! I always become convinced that I'll never find another boyfriend that'll mean more then my ex..... I've come to think that I only want guys that I think I can't have/that I can't have...but why?!?

Well, yeah, so I guess my question is why do I want my ex so bad?!?

Thx for any replies!!!

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its not that you want youe ex back, you just feel lonely and want someone. Its hard for me to explain fully cause im quite tired right now and pretty lazy but ...


You get so used to having someone there for you, someone you can call etc... Its not that you miss your ex, you miss having a boyfriend.

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