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i met up with this girl from 6th grade, i dated her then, it wasn't really serious, we were only kids..


now i'm in the 11th, and things are a lil more serious now..

i've been talking to her for the past 2-3 days, really getting interested in her. i think she's getting interested in me, but i'm not sure. i'm seeing all sorts of little things that could hint to it, but again, i'm not sure.


i DO make good eye contact when talking 2 her, and really listen to what she says.. how can i tell if she is interested in me?


i am a funny person, i'm not braggin on myself, i've been this way since elementary school, you're pretty much guaranteed to laugh if you're with me. would this be a + for me?

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in theory there should be little things if she into you


does she touch you? this could be as little as a minor brushing up against you. or bumping knees

eye contact held just a little too long

does she ask you personal questions about yourself?

does she keep eye contact with you.

does she make reference to future plans with you?

if you both eat together, does she look at you well drinking,

any stroking of an object (hair, jewerly, a drinking straw) however on an aside, tapping is a bad sign.

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i talked to her on AIM and she said she wanted me to be in a band of hers or something...shes not even in one. (i cant play anything..) dunno, don't mind that


i have noticed she keeps long eye contact with me..


she did ask me if i have dated anyone since high school


i was talking 2 her one day, and something came up about my age (16), she said something, "...... ... .. you're 17". i said nah i'm 16, she said "ooOoo not too much older than me" its how she said it, i can't describe it.


i sit infront of her on the bus ( bus ) and i'll have my mp3 player out and she'll ask to listen to it, and i do, she likes my taste in music. i also sit in seat facing the other side of the bus, and in the past 2-3 days she's been leaning up against the other side of the seat i'm in, pretty close to me.


no, no tapping, she pretty much keeps strong eye contact and smiles, and keeps asking me when i'm gonna come over to her house for a party or something, then she talks about how she has a hottub

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oh, in my list i forgot to mention complimenting, but your way ahead of me


sounds pretty good from what you told me, the only questionable thing is the age number comment, it depends how she said it. I've never really understood the whole girls liking older guy thing(when i was 17 my girlfriend who was 16 broke up with me for a 24 year old lol, eww)


you seem to be in good shape, I suppose you could ask her out, or if your shy just take it in smaller steps, like maybe sitting next to her on the bus

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when she found out about my age, she was surprised, in a good way, believe me, from the way she said it, it couldn't have been anything else..


i'm pretty shy when it comes to REALLY talking to girls, last time we went out, she made the first move, and i hope she does it again

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cool, so your all set. I don't think you should be afraid to ask her out, look on the bright side, lets say worse case senario and she says no. You could only ask out/date 1 girl per year, doesn't sound like a lot? well your 17, so assuming your ready to throw in the towel at age 35, thats still 18 girls. You have plenty of time to find someone cool

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not long enough? actually the way you just phrased it sounds pretty good to me.


when you say things like "we should hang out sometime" or "lets get together" although it makes it less nerveracking for you, since your not REALLY asking her out, it just creates misunderstanding, perhaps she sees you as a non romantic friend, but just wanted to hang out with you and get lunch since she obviously enjoys your presense.


If you say "Would you like to go out for ice cream next tuesday evening" its very clear cut and dry, no misunderstanding, she either is interested or shes not, either way, you find out in about a second(usually how long it takes her to blurt out yes or make up an excuss). Not only did you ask her out, you showed her quite a deal of confidence by being a guy who wouldn't beat around the bush, and as a plus, you showed her you had a plan, you wanted to go on tuesday night.


thats really all you have to say, remember, its no big deal, your just asking her out to get some ice cream with you, not marry you and spend the rest of eternity and 3 days.


i must sleep now, let me know how it goes

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this dating stuff is hard


i honestly don't see myself going up to her and asking her out like that, its hard for me and i don't think its really been long enough yet, what about flirting, if i keep doign that would that be good?





she just signed on aim ima talk to her

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yea start flirting with her...but not too much


give her compiments too...try to make her feel good about herself


oh and about the band thingy...even though you dont play...seriously dude, learn how to play the guitar. if you play guitar for them they will melt right in front of you, but you must at least be able to play a song. go for a slow song. and if you could, try to sing too. but if not then screw it.


but for now give her more attention and sorta fool around with her


be coky and funny and she'll like you more. and then you could probably ask her then. if you still dont see yourself ask ing her out just keep do the same stuff over again. make her laugh, get to know waht she is into and what she likes. then start talking about that. flirt with her. give her eye contact. and then she'll maybe ask you out.


good luck

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my plan exactly


about the band thing, i dunno what that was about, that was some random thing she said...don't think its gonna happen..


i got the eye contact down, the way she looks at me, makes me feel weird inside .. and she always smiles when we're in a conversation and i stare into her eyes


i CAN make her laugh, not that corny laughing that she might do to be nice, its pure laughter

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