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Orgasming Too Slowly


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This is my first post and I'm only divulging this because I'm running out of ideas and I'm becoming desperate.


I've been dealing with this problem for over a year now - ever since my first sexual experience. The thing is, I've been having difficulty coming during sex - no matter whether we engage in intercourse or oral - I just can't seem to cum. Whilst masturbating, I can reach orgasm in as little as 15 minutes, but my girlfriend can give me a blowjob for over and hour and it doesn't seem to affect me. I used to exorcise the muscles used to prolong orgasm because I didn't want to cum too fast when I started having sex, and now I'm afraid that I've come to the point where the muscles are working overtime. It bothers me greatly when my girlfriend cums enough times that it wears her out and I'm still stuck with a raging erection; if there's anyone out there that has some sort of advice - anything - please reply.

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first of all you got to tell me how to exercise the muscles into having longer sex. but as for you stop exercising the muscles for awhile. Another good trick is to not have sex or do anyhting the would cause to cum for a least 8 days, this way when you have sex you will be soo arroused that the pressure will become too much. there are also herbal pills that you may be able to take to increase sensativeness. During any physically activite try to think of things that get you really amped up this will cause the thalamus in the brain to receive extra sensory pulses and stimulate overactivity. If none of this works than try and ask a doctor about it, don't be shy either, i mean what is he going to say when you tell him that you can last for too long of a time in the sack when most males can't even last 10 min with vigorous sex. Good luck

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It bothers me greatly when my girlfriend cums enough times that it wears her out and I'm still stuck with a raging erection


I bet she feels lucky lol.


and i think Nexus is right, don't masterbate for a couple days, and maybe suggest watching a porno before you and your gf make out. that way your body has become so arroused you'll cum faster. but i'm sure your GF is loving this lol, only time i would worry about this is if you and her decided to get her pregnant and you can't cum.

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Stop masterbating, completely cut yourself off. Your only sexual stimulus should be with your gf. Its going to be a slow process and it will take time so be patient. Another thing is relax and just enjoy the experience of sex instead of thinking that you have to orgasm. You are actually in a better position than most guys. As long as you are enjoying sex then you shouldnt be too concerned with coming. Allow your lovemaking to be more sensual and pay more attention to your partner and see if you receive some satisfaction that way.


You can prolong your orgasms by excercising your PC muscles. What you do is excersize the muscle that allows you to stop your urine flow when you are peeing. Excersize that muscle for 30 seconds at a time a couple times a day and you will strengthen you pc muscles.

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I would like to know how your girlfriend can give you a bj for over an hour??? My God, she must have lock-jaw by the end of it!


Sorry I can't give you advice on your problem, I think this is definitely one where the guys need to rally to your help here.

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If she really does blow for an hour you are one lucky sod!!!


Ok, well... I can see your problem. I used to have the same thing when I started having sex. There are a couple of factors playing into this. One is that your gf will never be able to do it "as good" as you, meaning that guys generally do come quicker when masturbating.


Secondly, "success is a mindgame". I know it sounds a bit silly, but a lot of sex does go on in your head. Are you totally relaxed when the two of you have sex? That is one issue that I had...I was so concerned about things that I actually couldn't come...


Apart from that...hmm, I guess in a way you really are a lucky guy, because a lot of guys here are devastated because they cannot hold out for too long. This is in no way meant to diminish your problem... Maybe it will indeed go away if you stop worrying. Don't pressurize yourself and just enjoy...

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