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I love being around him, but then again, i don't?!*?

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There's a guy i really like (isn't there always), well anyway, i think he might like me back, cause we're both quite immature and playfully hit each other sometimes, and there's alot of mature flirting aswell, lol.


Anyway, I adore his company, he makes me laugh, we have lessons together, get on really well, we're very good friends, and we have loads in common.


The problem is that, although his company means alot to me, it hurts to be near him, knowing that even if he did like me, neither of us would do anything about it, i thought about just not being friends anymore, telling him my feelings, and keeping things the way they are. I don't like any of the ideas, all of them causes me to hurt him and myself, i'm so confused right now.


I just feel like i'm going to be stuck in this void for ever, we are both shy around the subject of feelings, so i already know that if i did decide to tell him how i felt, he would react badly, and our friendship is gone.


Any sort of advice whatsoever would be greatly appriciated

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dont worry.....i have the same problem....this guy is in my cooking class is reeeeely nice and it think he likes me...but im not that sure...i am thinking the same way u r....should i tell him? in my opinion...i dont think u should, im not going 2 tell this guy i like him....like u said...things wouldnt b the same...i think we should just play it cool...i think the guy should make the first move...but of course im very in experienced w/ guys... i think if he does like u he'll tell someone...and it'll leak out 2 u somehow....then u can tell him how u feel....he might just b afraid u guys arent on the same page....i hope i could help

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