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Talking to a girl when HER FRIENDS ARE AROUND

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Ok I have no classes and this girl. And in my previous post i talked about how me and this girl got the eye contact thing going. So i really wanna start a conversation with her.




But k what do you personally try to do when her friends are ALWAYS around her? How does this work? (Given that you dont know any of her friends)

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Get to know her friends along with her!


Seriously, just walk up and introduce yourself. Flash a smile and extend a hand. Crack a joke. Make her *and* her friends laugh. Ask to see her again.


Since you don't have any classes with this girl, you'll have to find another spot where you can hang. Ask her if she's seen a particular movie, or to head over to the library with you to do *insert homework assignment*.


Just make sure you flirt with HER more than any of her friends! Good luck and keep us posted!

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That's exactly how I met most of my friends, and well over half my boyfriends. Except I usually ended up tripping over a trashcan and bumping into them, and *then* I would introduce myself to avoid embaressment. Oh, the irony.


But whatever floats your boat. The worst that could happen is you'll never, EVER talk to her and you'll waste an entire year staring longingly in her direction.

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If you don't want to go right in to the full introduction, then take it in steps.


You are making eye contact, she likes you. Next time you pass her, with her friends, make eye contact and say "Hi". Then keep walking.


Do it again, the next day. Watch and see how she reacts. If it is a good reaction, then take your time in stepping it up to the introduction.


Do you know her name? If not find out and while you are exchanging "Hi"s, in a few days say "Hi ________". See if she tries to use your name soon. If she bothered to learn your name, then try to arrange at time when you know she will be stationary for a few, and be there where she is. You can then get a conversation going.


If it takes a week or so to get there, I'd recommend acting like you are ignoring her on one day in the middle. Don't just keep saying "Hi" for days on end. If you do the same thing a bun ch of days in a row, then you may stall.

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Alright this is how it should go down lol, I know guys get really nervous when talking to a girl with her grilfriends around but you have to get used to that because Us girls feel sooo comfortable around our friends and were ourselves were not tryin to impress any guys like we are when were alone.


So my advice is Just go up to her and like the other guys said Introduce yourself and crack a joke also compliment her (girls love that) just walk up or while walking past her "hey -----, You look really good today..." then make a joke about yourself to show your not a concieded guy that just goes around telling girls they look good the next day when you see her she will try to look even better hoping you will complinment her again (trust me all girls do it) and shes all yours.



Also if her friends see you like her they will pay attention to your "movements" to tell her that you are "so in to her" and all that weird girl stuff lol believe me her friends can be your spies for you and if they think your a real thing and wont hurt her they will tell her to go up and talk to you. believe me its a sneaky trick but it works! lol


I really hope I helped and it made sense lol

Good bye!

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