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Anyone have any first date convesation starters/questions


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Talk about your job.....or school if that's where you are in life.

Ask about siblings, parents...family in general - where do they live, any crazy relative stories to share?

Ask about favorite music, which can lead you to concerts and those "first moments' when a band or song changed your life.

Ask about favorite movies or types....share your stories about your favs.

Sports - ask about the favorite sport, player, or team...find out why...have they seen them live? Are they hopeful for a good season or post season depending on the sport.

Current events are always good ( stay away from politics and religion until you know the person better)

Ask about his/her passions in life - what drives them, motivates them....and then sit back and really listen, so you can ask follow up questions.


Saometimes alittle silence is fine....if you talk a blue streak she will never get a word in edge wise and it will appear you are nervous.


You are putting too much pressure on filling in the gaps....just be yourself, because in the end, that is who they will fall for, not your dazzling conversation skills.

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ask what their first job was - that's always a funny story.

Or what they wanted to be when they grew up

Pets are a great topic - how and why they got the pets they did


Ask good follow-up questions. If they tell you they studied a certain subject in school, ask what attracted them to that subject.

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