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how can i get close to a girl without scaring her?

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im a freshmen in high school fyi ok i reeli like this girl i sorta hang out with her at lunch.. like i hang out with her but rite wen one of her friends come along she is gone rite away...its almost like she doesnt notice me and ive been known u be reeli flirty and im scared if i act too flirty ill scare her away.. she is sorta the reeli outgoing type but at the same time ive never heard anything about her liking any guys or any guys liking her which is odd because i think she is great...and on aim we talk alot but she doesnt like to go to dances and i promised her to teach her how to slow dance next time because like i convinced her to go to the next one but sometimes i feel very close to her...like wen her friends arent around but wen she is around them she almost completely ignores me and i want to know how i should i get close to her?

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