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she confuses me!


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I have been in a relationship with this girl for two weeks now. its been going really great and we both feel quite close already. Unfortunately we have reached an awkward situation. She randomly mentioned that she doesn't want kids or to live with any guy ever because she says she'd never want to go through it falling apart and having to separate everything. she also said this probably wont be her last relationship. when i asked why she said because we're young and nobody stays together forever. all of this confuses me because she always says she believes in monogamy and soul mates. her history sounds like it may be influencing these ideas. her parents are separated, her mom was 14 when she was born, she mainly lives at her grandparents, her mother is very hurtful and she has had a lot of bad relationships with men. one boyfriend even choked her once. could this be creating trust issues? i feel very lost some advice would be great

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