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i need to back my life ...


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Hellou Im 15 years old kid and im living in small city. The point is that when i started at school 3 weeks ago my life has turn in to dump. I have millions of bad memories from there and even not 1 good memory ... the friends i have there are too stupid and i dont belong there ... but my direction is good and i dont want to leave that. So when i remind at that moments it makes me sad too sad ... and i discovered that i have OCD symptoms and its so hard to leave like this. So i need help for this ... i need help from you guys tell me what to do cuz i cant live anymore :S ... and sorry for my bad english.

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OCD makes me to do things that i dont want and if i dont do that i will feel very big pain in my heart and i cant beat hem iv tryed many times but its so hard ... like i said im living in small city ... the doctors are not good for OCD symtoms i will try tomorrow and i will see what they will say ... But i will tell you what is happening to me ... I have a girlfriend and we were going for a while ... the half of the summer i met her and we were having a sweet moments and every thing but we started to school and like i said in my school i hate All my friends and i always remind at that sweet moments when i remind at that moments i got ugly feelings and it hurts too much ... when i got that ugly feeling im saying to my self that some of my friends going to steel my girlfriend or may happened something bad bettween us ... this is the point ... when im dress my shoes and my t-shirt and my jeans and when i m drinking when i wash my teets and every thing i do i need to thing on my cousins or something like that if i dont thing on them i thing that is going to happened something between us and its so hard to do that every day on every sec so thats like disease ... i dont like to do that and i need it cuz if i wont i will feel ugly and big pain i my heart ...

What do you mean by OCD symptoms? My husband and my son have this. My husband is treated by medication for OCD and anxiety and leads a very happy life.

Life is sometimes difficult to be a teenager. It does get better though.

( I have a son who is 15 in about a week,)

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