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invites me over and answers the door in her.....

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Well heres the deal. Im a freshman in high school, and theres a girl who lives on my street and goes to my new school. Its a very small high school, only about 50 or 60 grade nines. Anyway, the school goes from kindergarden all the way to the end of grade 13. I just came this year but she has been there for a while.


I kindof knew her before the start of school since i visited for a day last year in march. I found out she lived on my street. She would show up at my door once in a while just to talk and we would hang out on her driveway. Were pretty good friends now and have been going to school together for a couple months.


Weve always flirted but never anything serious. But even though we both know who the other one has a crush on, and we both are trying to get someone else, we always seem to end up together in situations we would like to be in with our crushes. For example, at the school dance, we were each trying to get with a certain person to slow dance, but i ended up dancing with her.


I was really surprised because it was relaxed and it felt great. I was a little attracted to her during the summer but thought i had gotten over it. I also think she was attracted to me, because when she found out i lived on her street, she came to visit me often and showed up at my doorstep with her friend to announce that they had both dumped their boyfriends and point out that we were all single.


Sorry about the long history lesson. Anyway i was talking to her on msn tonight and she seemed a little upset. I asked her what was wrong and she said if i wanted to chat i should just come over to her house. Its cold out and i assumed id just talk to her on her porch again cuz her parents were likely home.


So i asked why we couldnt chat on msn and she just signed off. I thought something must be wrong since i had missed school for a couple days, maybe somethin had happened. So i put on my coat and walk down to her house. She peeks out from behind a wall and waves, then runs off and runs back to the door. She opens it, with a huge grin on her face, and says hi, im kinda in my boxers but you can come in.


It looked like she was home alone. I saw that she was in pink short boxers and was hesitant to come in, thinking her parents might be home. She kept walking in and sat at the table, so i followed and sat down too. She started talking, eating her pasta, told me her parents were in Toronto, we talked about some stuff that was upsetting her best friend, she started babbling about her boxers, and short shorts and talking about the day the girl i like was wearing really puny shorts, like it was a bad thing, ''eww they were so tiny!''. Anyway, she then starts talking about how a guy she likes called her hot, and she said the same to him.


She updated me on homework, and was really flirty. She got a phone call, ran back into the kitchen, grabbed me by the shirt and sortof dragged me to the door. I told her that kicking me out into the cold wasnt nice, she smiled and shoved me out, see ya later. She turned and started walking away from the door.


I forgot to ask her about a test i missed and knocked on the door again. She turned and saw my face in the window. Started walking back....hesitated, starting going upstairs again, came running down with pants on 20 seconds later and told me about the test. I asked her details and she laughed saying, get out of my house! And after a struggle i let her shut the door. It wasnt angry at all, she was laughing and smiling.


I ran like hell down the road after walking out of sight of her widow in case some neighbour thought the get out of my house!!!! was me attacking her or something. I really think she likes me, just because of her attitude lately, and the visit to her house. What do you think? Sorry for the long post

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