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got asked out and need advice from anyone (girls) plz


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to day while i went past a table of 9th graders on the way to lunch, i am an 8th grader. any way, i passed this 9th grade girl and she touches my shoulder and say that i am hot. then, while i'm waiting in line for luch, this girl comes up to me and asks me if i will go to the dance with her friend. i asked her who her friend was and she told me. i said maybe.


what should i do? i don't who she or what she is like, and i only have a vague idea what she looks like. should i say yes and see where this might go?

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Ask the girl to introduce you to her friend. Be pleasant and friendly, and try to have a conversation with the girl without her friend hovering around.


I think it's sweet that someone has a crush on you, but is too shy to say so. But ultimately, only go with her to the dance if you think she's nice and likeable.

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Like Scout said... try to make the girl introduce you her friend. And about the phone number... I'll say I'd like better her E-Mail. Anyways... try to have a friendly talk with her, try to get to know her a bit. It will be a shock if you just go on a dance with some1 you never talked to woul't it? -Just my opinion

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oh commun! I have seen some eighth graders going with some seven grader boys... besides, if you like her, that wouln't matter.... At list to me it wouln't. Take that chance, go for it see how it goes. You have nothing to loose other than some time... But I think you'll enjoy it.

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