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What am I to do (a little long but interesting)?


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I just dicovered there may be a problem with the dating situation at my High School. You see, there isn't a real middle in terms of girls to look for in terms of dating. I won Homecoming King for the Juniors (not trying to brag at all) so I know a lot of the "groups" at my school. I'm a different type of the "popular" you might know of. I have a few really good friends, but a million acquaintances that help me out a lot. I'm not flashy or loud but calm, cool and collected.


I'll separate these girls by unique categories:


The 11/10 girls

All of these girls both look good AND have a great personality. Too bad most of them have bf's as well. I happen to get along with a lot of these girls (must be cuz a lot of people r afraid to talk to them) but I don't know if I can really get a relationship with them if the opportunity came cuz they're at the top of the list. I just asked one of them out who seemed interssted in me, but she said no. She gave me a really nice, honest reply and said she's so busy right now she can't have a relationship with anybody and said she really wants us to be friends (it can only build from there, right? I talked to her 2day and it seems she is keeping her end of the deal).


The Illusions

These girls look good but their personality is, well, crummy. I know a few of these girls, and these are the ones that lead to uneasy relationships after you "like" them - if you ever want to talk to them again. They play you, try to deceive you and then you discover it when it's too late for you to turn back. One of them avoided me because I said hi to her and asked how she was doing. They're bad news.


All Action

You may be able to guess what this means - They look flashy and hot, but their IQ is under 20. And as the title indicates, their favorite thing is the "action".



In a word, "average". They don't do anything big or small that people notice. They look OK and are good people, but they're not really noticeable in terms of dating. They're good acquaintances/friends, but that's it. This is a lot of the student body though (for girls) and when one slips through the cracks, people may start to know them.


AP Girls

These are those little, almost "nerdy" girls who get a 100 in all their classes. They're not exactly "dating material" IMO.


All Ugly/Weird

Pretty much their looks match their personality - ugly. They are also a little goth/weird.


That's all the types of girls at my school (I think). I don't know where to find a date - maybe look at the 11/10 girls a little if they show interest, but I'll just chill for now and see what comes towards me - just "do the rockaway, lean back). I'm 0/7 or something lifetime though and I though I knew the "signs" for a girl liking me, so I may need some help.


Any advice you can provide on a maybe hopeless situation is greatly appreciated.

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Your post was really cute. You're obviously still such a kid.


I think you're making very keen observation of the people at your school, but consider that you're going to change your mind a lot as you mature. I mean, right now you want what every guy wants... Perfection.


One of these days you'll find perfect-for-you and my guess is it won't be from the group you suspect.


It's funny, because if I had to classify myself in highschool I'd have been a little of the "invisible" mixed in with the "AP" (The perfect scoring girls) but I think now my BF would classify me as 11/10... but I still get all top scores in whatever I do, hahaha. My point is people change and categories aren't really fair or beneficial to you or them.


Take care!

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For some reason, whenever a person sees himself in a situation, what happens to him mostly turns out to be the oppostie. The way you catogorized the girls will make it even harder for you to choose or find what you're looking for. Love or attraction shouldn't be mathametical or scientifically catagorized..if u like someone u like them..despite what category they fit in. Mostly..i see dating or attraction as a concept that when you push it (try harder) it goes farther away. I say let everything happen naturally..and believe me sometimes those people are right on the tip of your tongue..you look at them but don't really "SEE" them ..so just keep your eyes open and let it happen naturally ..and believe me it WILL happen..just don't rush anything and let nature take it's course, but when u think that someone is right for you, just GOT FOR IT!



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Ah I remember those days back in high school when we used to actually "categorize" each other. Looking back ten years later, I realize that those categories mean absolutely nothing when you grow up.


DaXMan - you're going to learn that people are not always as they seem. You seem to be generalizing people into neat little categories, but you might not actually be giving them a chance. You said it yourself, that you've asked out certain girls and they've said "NO". Wouldn't you consider this ironic? They're not giving you a chance because they are probably generalizing you as well. I think it's pretty normal to do this in high school though.


I didn't care to fit into any 'group' in high school, because I was lucky to have older friends outside of high school who convinced me what a load of BS it all was. People grow and change so much in teenage years (and even their 20's) that most are not even the same people as they were in high school.


You too will get older and start looking for other things in people, and caring less about popularity. Popularity in high school means nothing in university and after, when you want to start a career. After this, people are going to judge you based on your merit, not how many friends you had in high school. Looks do play a role in anything you do in life, but they become much less important as you get older (where getting a job and friends are concerned).


All Ugly/Weird

Pretty much their looks match their personality - ugly. They are also a little goth/weird.


Remember Dax - things are not always as they seem! Consider that people who you think as ugly, might actually have social problems because they have never been accepted or treated as a human being with feelings.


I've seen people around that I went to high school with who I would have considered "popular" or "hot". Now when I see them around, there is no trying to prove anything and most of them have either put on weight or work crummy jobs at 25 bagging groceries or flipping burgers. Who you are in high school will not define what kind of person you will be.

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