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Eye colour


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This may seem like a strange question.


But i never ever remember the colour of people eyes.


I mean i do look at people in the eye so its not like i don't see the colour i just don't rememeber? Is this weird? And do girls care if you don't know the colour of their eyes?

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They seem to care, but I am the opposite. I always remember.


When I was in grad school, one of my roommates was talking on the phone with a female friend and mentioned anther woman's eye color, but go it wrong. I corrected him. So he asks how I know. My response is to tell him to name any somewhat attractive woman in our class, and I will tell him to color of her eyes. The friend on the phone and him quizzed me for a few minutes. Why do I know? Because it matters to me. It is one of the things I care most about in the appearance of a woman.


Why don't you remember? Probably because you really don't care about the color of her eyes.

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I am very attracted to women with pretty eyes. But other than women I am attracted to, I don't remember. I don't know the color of any of my male friends eyes and only a few of my female friends.


Eye color is not particullary useful for recognizing people so its not likely to be information that your brain captures for that purpose. So, I would say that unless you took the effort to note, or were particularly struck by someones eyes, it would not be something you would remember.


Perhaps girls know this and is why they DO care if you remember.

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The saying is that the eyes are the windows to the soul' I think this is so true. The eyes light up a person's face and everything will revolve around their eyes, regardless of what they are saying lol. maybe not the last bit.


But I do think that girl's with beautiful eyes will be snapped up by a guy pronto. It's strange to think that all the beautiful girls are spoken for (well almost!).


In my opinion the best features for women are : dark hair blue eyes, 58-5'9 and with short hair. Anyone beg to differ?

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Depends what you mean by short hair. I really find it hard to be attracted to a girl with less that shoulder length hair.


What I really like is something different, with hair. Like if its dyed a strange colour, like pink, or something!!! Sounds weird! But i like read-heads just as much!

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I don't think its weird that you don't remember the eye color.


Even though you look at people in the eyes, its not like you are thinking about their eye color. You are concentrating more on what they are saying and what you are saying instead of concentrating on their eye color. Of course if you are talking to someone and you they have really nice eyes, you will probably remember either that you liked their eyes, or what color they are.


Sometimes, its hard to tell what the eye color is, unless you are standing right next to them. Don't feel weird about not remembering.


If my boyfriend didn't know my eye color, I would think it was kind of weird. We have been together for almost 2 years now, so I think he should know. He's gotten many chances to look at my eyes up close. If its just a friend though, then I don't think it matters. I only know like 2 of my friends eye colors.

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Hey everyone thanks for all the replies - been very helpful!


I've been thinking i don't think i'm an 'eye' person.


One eye seems too look like another - unless its bloodshoot or something like that.


The reason why i asked this question was i was thinking about this girl i like and i couldn't remember the colour of her eyes - and some of my girl mates are always seem to be meantioning eyes and they were talking about colour so i was thinking it was kinda important - but i've only met this girl 3 times so that would probably be why i can't rememeber.

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