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key to a man's heart

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we are becoming closer and closer each month - as friends. i'm pretty sure he can tell i like him.

he was away for a month and we emailed all the time and spoke a few times on the phone.

he had two days at home - called the night he got home, wed, at 1a.m. after a 58 hour drive, asked what i was doing the next day, even though he knew he'd see me friday day for something his friend and him were doing. so he called thurs. night, said he was exhausted. i said we don't have to go out and he said he wanted to. we went and had a beer and caught up for two hours. then i spent the whole day and evening with him yesterday - granted with others. he's gone now for another six weeks. should i keep emailing and calling or wait a week to see if he contacts me. i want to try and get closer to him while he's gone which i know is hard. i did send him an email telling him i think he's amazing and thanks for such a great day and evening and i'll see him in november. he will be home for a day, however, at the end of october. what should i do? i really like this guy.

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He's obviously making quite an effort for you (calling you the moment he gets home and insisting on seeing you even though he must've been exhausted) so I see no harm in you doing the same for him. I think writing him that email was a good idea, and I suggest you keep contact with him while he's away without all the little games (I-called-him-last-so-he-should-be-the-one-calling-me sorta thing)

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dont do the should i wait and see if he calls - when should i do this or that thing

its a game - a basic one but a game none theless

just be honest and follow your heart

if you want to call - call

if you want to email - do it

people hold back far too much far too often

dont be one of them


good luck


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i just don't have a clue what he's thinking. he called yesterday and started leaving a message, and then half-way through said, oh that's my other line. when i called back later, i got his voicemail. we tend to leave little updates on our lives, which i guess is key to getting closer. i know he likes me as a friend but i want him to start thinking of me in a romantic way while he's away for so long. he'll be home for a day next week. do i wait for him to call or offer to visit? i guess if he comes home and doesn't call, he's not interested.

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