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Hardons.. question from a guy to the guys..

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Hey guys. (and girls, probably )


I was wondering.. How fast do you get a boner? I'm really wondering if I'm very excitable or something..


Some info : I'm nearing 25, and haven't had a g/f yet. Also, I wasn't raised touchy feely, so I'm sorta distant when I'm around people. (Lots of personal space). Yet, I yearn for it. O.o And I made out for a couple of minutes and had sex once, almost a year ago..


Okay.. so... how easily do I get a hardon? For example, when I'm just thinking about kissing a friend I'll be visiting this winter. (which I'm -pretty- damn sure is going to happen.. not sure if it'll go any further than friendly kisses). Or when someone's talking about how he/she's had sex/made out with someone else... Sometimes, just sitting for a while (on the toilet, for example), not even thinking of something remotely sexual, it just decides to 'pop up'..


Is this normal? I've heard several jokes about teenagers getting a hardon easily, and I know from personal experience that it's true but I kinda expected it to 'ease down' a little when I got in my 20s.. or does that happen from being more 'desensitized' after having (a lot of?) sex, since that seems to be one of the main things a lot of people entering their 20s do..


I know there's not really anything I can do about it. But I'm just curious.



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Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it at all. Erections are a normal part of every guys life. I can vouch for the fact that I get them pretty easily. Just thinking about sex can get me up in seconds and other times it takes awhile.


If you're worrying about being embarrassed about your erections, then I wouldn't worry about it too much. When I dance and grind with girls on the dance floor I normally have an enormous erection even though I'm not really even thinking about anything regarding sex. I'm sure the girls notice but I don't really care.. it's normal.

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Well, for one thing, if its just from idle thougths, they go away about as fast as they show up. So, if it happens, say while reading a sexy email from my wife, its gone by the time I finish the next message. (At least at my age.)


But, every guy probably learns to arrange things. And truthfully most people are not wandering around checking every guys crotch.

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At lonelyd00d:


As a 20+ guy I must say that my instant and unpredictable "pop-ups" are long gone. Main reasons include: I have a lot of stuff much more important than sex happening in my life and I go through proper sexual release from time to time (if you know what I mean..).


Having this kind of erections probably just means that you're living a nice, stressless life. That's the problem with adults: our society makes them stop having fun at 20s.


By the way, I laughed a lot with OldGuy's post.


And at geo_jane:


You probably weren't noticing, but 13-16 boys spend a lot of time with their hands in their pockets. And it isn't a gun that they are trying to hide behind one of their hands.

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theworst is when it happens between lesson changes... i mean my god


LOL, indeed! That was probably my main worry during my schoolyears.. "Please don't get up 1 minute before the bell rings! No! DON'T! AAARGHHH!" *RIIIING*


Anyway, I agree it's a coming and going process with hardons (umm.. nu pun! lol). Tho, sometimes, it just won't really go away easily. But yeah, the problem is probably psychology, since I'm trying too hard to make it go away, that instead, it'll stay longer. =P


'Arranging' it is somewhat of a different problem. I don't see how this can be done in public without attracting too much attention to yourself. 'cos usually, when I get a hardon, it decides to sorta get stuck and try and create a tent of my pants. So rearrangement is always a must, in my case. (while for some people, it seems just to find it's own way in their pants)

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