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Just friends? help !!!


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Why is it every woman I talk to seems interested in me and then they tell me they just want to be is friends. I have more female friends then anyone I know (male or female).


They all want to talk to me about there problems, and ask for my advise but none of them want to be my GF. What am I doing wrong or is it I am just not any of these women's type. I am trying to figure out if I am to ugly or what?? Any ideas ??

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Hi Lost_one,

I had a friend with the same problem you have.


I think when you find a woman you really like you should try not to spend too much time talking to her on the phone. Leave the long conversations for when you are face to face on a date. Use the phone only as a means to briefly ask her about her day and to make dates.


Be courteous and friendly, but have a voice and state you opinion about things. Try to make her laugh and notice her. Compliment something she is wearing. ... bet you already knew this right?


It might be that you just don't have that special chemistry with these women. Keep going out and you will find someone that likes you the way you like her.

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There are lots of theories about this... If you systematiccaly become a best friend, it means that you behave like one: You are kind and nice.


Now, for a woman to be excited about you, your presense and have these "lover's" feelings waking up in her, you need to come up with something else: Be more challenging and teasing.


Radiate total confidence and dare to bring up your instinctual nature. Don't give comfort, give them challenge.


Good luck!



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